Um hi


iloveyourass sez:

“i really like velma dinkley


it was very beautiful.”

I want photos of your clitors
it’s an order
my vanity
I’m your sir”



“We wanted them to look like typical bobby-soxers of the time, replete with pom-
poms, ribbons, saddle shoes, white socks, and short skirts.

We shot hours of 16mm and 8mm film of them.” (FULL SERVICE by Scotty Bowers)



” I love so many of your outfits! You look fantastic!”


dolly with doll


” This video is really hot! Wow! You look great on all fours like that”

******************************************** Alchemistsporn



“Sally Horner took her seat at the back next to a dectective assigned to guard her. She wore a blue suit, pink blouse, straw hat, and patent leather Mary Jane shoes.” (THE REAL LOLITA by Sarah Weinman)



um hi


3DComicSuperFan sez:

“Daddy’s favourite gurl… kiss”


“I’d love to see this outfit on you without the yellow sweater. Or is that all one piece?”

Brie:    Thanks ever so much!
Actually, its a separate long-sleeve turtleneck that goes underneath the shell for cold weather.

From one of my videos:


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Agness, Kansas, United States:


Bolder Colorado’s Martha Harris



Brie doing “The Patty Duke Show”

kirktrack: “now i’m horny”


Patty and me


um hi

High school girl brie.

When Carolyn was in high school, her  boy friend insisted that she wear only dresses or skirts without nylons, allowing easy access at all times, looking something like this:

Carolyn carried a little case containing either a clarinet or a flute — I can never remember which!

Her boyfriend, whom she later married, and even later divorced, was essentially the “King Rat” character (see either book or film).

She later became a school teacher.


um hi

Wonderful letter from a precious admirer in India:


Dear madam,

I am [name deleted]




Marital status-unmarried,because I am GAY.

Educational qualification-Mse[MATHS] from c.u

c.u means calicut university.

Color-white Body shape-neither slim nor fat


Hobby-interested ONLY in SISSY MEN,TG’S,TV’S




[address deleted]



This is my Bio-data.In India there is no way to get such

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One more thing.I always want to see you in YOUR BIRTHDAY SUIT only.


Please keep all of them in your beautiful mind.

Thank you

Oh! Dearest baby! You make mommy brie feel so good!


This just in:

Hi Brie darling, loving the videos as always, just love seeing you

in your pretty outfits, your nylons and garters and of course

those cutsie bobby sox. On the subject of little ankle socks I was

in contact with Annie Anklets

a while back and, long story short,

she ended up mailing me a package of her used saddle shoes, her

peephole, cumstained masturbation panties and lots of her pretty

white anklets for me to video myself for her wearing and playing

with myself in them. I still have some of these clips on my hard

drive if you’d like to see. It does get a little, shall we say,

‘R’ rated – Me in grey pleated mini skirt, black sweater and white

blouse, Annies saddle shoes and socks

and her cum stained panties,jerking myself off, slipping one of her worn socks over my cock

and then pushing it up my ass as I jerk off. If you want to see

just let me know your email – mine is [email address deleted] – no

problem if you don’t! Just thought they may be up your street!
(I, like lots of others judging by by a post on your site, thought

you were the one accompanying her in the delicious ‘Crayon Kids’

vid she did until i read your note – never did find out who it was

– Annie was kind of inpenetrable at the best of times!)
Anyhow, keep up the good work Brie darling, you have a devoted fan

here in Merrie Olde England.

picture of honey B –i get it:


Thanks ever so much!

More about this later.


um hi

At long last! Proof of the existance of the Spike Jones Market on Foothill Blvd. in La Crescenta (Los Angeles county) for all you doubters out there!


Recently, drove with my father in the rented Buick Lucerne, with the satellite radio, down the coast highway from Malibu. Good to know the ocean is still there! Took Sunset through Soviet Monica, Brentwood, where the governator (Arnold Schwartzenegger) drives around in his Bentley, bel air, Beverly hills. On the sunset strip got behind some hotshot driving a Ferrari convertible for a few blocks. Went south on Fairfax, east on Beverly, where CBS is located, south on Rampart, east on sixth street, then through skid row — about two blocks of guys in sleeping bags, and winos wondering around, then took Alameda going north. Finally, arrived at Phillipe’s, which is always at or near the top of the best places to eat in LA–certainly the cheapest–coffee 9 cents — good coffee too!!!!!

Going back to Agoura hills, just jumped the 101 at Alameda, and beat the traffic!!!!!

Speaking of Jones, here is brie as fictional book character Junie B. Jones:


Here is a classic school girl look:

Her hair is basically a Patty Duke flip!



Here is the amazing Hillary Summers! (looks like she is pouting!)


The Lost Semester

um hi

former math student brie


Had to read a history book and write about it. Asked history teacher what to read: “how about von Hindenburg – the greatest German general!” (said with way too much enthusiasm.)

So, remember reading von Hindenburg in the bath tub, and at other times listening to the soundtrack from “Goldfinger” on the record player, while washing the dishes – no automatic dish washer, no color TV. Yes! We did have food stamps. Also, listening to “Sonny and Cher on the radio in my mom’s car, watching “Name of the Game” on TV, and bent seventies movies such as “Billy Jack” in the theatres.

(Later got into the university with a state scholarship. Not that I’m a brainiac, but they did cut me some slack because of my low income family.)

Anyway, in my immediate family no color TV until 1975!

Previous to that a 19 inch black & white zenith that kept making noises in the back, and consequently needed to be repaired about every two years. This is before the Japanese showed us how to make televisions that would last 10, 12, or even 15 years without repairs, then you would just throw them out, and buy a new one without incurring a repair bill. Someone’s father in high school actually made a living as a television repairman, driving around in a van with his name on it!

Now, where I used to live in Los Angeles county (La Crescenta) people pay $600K+ for houses that are essentially dumps.

Both the husband and wife must be making at least 6 figures each! Used to have working class people living there, now they must be yuppies, prison guards, or baby boomers, who bought back in the seventies, or inherited their houses (I know who some of you are!), which also would keep their property taxes down somewhat.

Anyway, during the lost semester in Glendale, I was able to squeeze into a pair of my mom’s sling-back shoes, even with her  really tiny shoe size, because the back strap had some stretch. Also would wear her button font dress, then going out on the back patio,

during the day, which was on an alley, to pleasure myself – never got caught either! This was done for kicks.

Walked miles to school listening to contentious Joe Pyne on the transistor radio “Take a walk!” Sometimes stopped at the best (only?) book store in Glendale, which had an amazing assortment of pulp magazines from the 1930’s – “Who is Doc Savage?”

I’ll have to see the old abode. Last time in Southern California, I couldn’t find it, but I sent for a high school transcript,

which has the address on it. I suspect the old place, near the unemployment office and the donut stand, has been bulldozed, and something else has replaced it. Back then you actually had to go down to the unemployment office every two weeks, I think it was, to pick up your check. No mailing or by now I suspect they have direct deposit.

According to the high school transcript, I was still bored with mathematics, but next year back in La Crescenta I was amazed that in Algebra, if you correctly followed the procedures, then the correct answer resulted!

As I am writing this the world’s best mathematician is living in St. Petersburg, Russia, and is unemployed, living in an apartment with his mother, after having done research proving the Poincare conjecture. Can’t tell anymore, since I never did any graduate work. He (Perelman) apparently can go to Massachusetts anytime to pick up one million dollars for his proof. He really should grab the money even though last I heard he disdains the award. Perhaps he will change his mind—I would.