tales of hollywood

um hi

brie as annette:

(mickey mouse brie)

Young Elmo was helping out at tony  ferra’s nightclub in Hollywood, by pulling nails out of boards with a claw

hammer, putting the nails into a coffee can, and the nail less boards into a nearby pile.

This famous nightclub was mentioned in a program on the “E” channel as a hang out favored by Elvis, and i might add “frequented by fools and fops” (john barth from “the sot-weed factor”).

also, tony’s daughter sandy appeared in some Elvis’ films.

During a break, tony asked Elmo to go to the liquor store around the corner  to pick up some soft drinks. Tony gave Elmo some money and instructed Elmo to say the following upon entering the liquor store:

“I want a tab.”

So, Elmo went around the corner and down the block resulting in this conversation:

Elmo:     “I want a Tab.”

Liquor store clerk:            “Hunter!?”


Elmo was paid by tony in cash and some really old ties left by inebriated patrons.

a few years later Elmo was wearing one of those skinny ties, which at the time were way out of fashion.

sneeringly his uncle in Northridge said “where did you get that tie from?!”

thereupon giving Elmo a more modern wide tie.

text from above photo:

“My hard, throbbing dick deeply fucking Brie’s pregnant, sweet pussy, soon to soak her swollen womb with a flood of my sticky cummm…”


police woman in north korea bobby-soxing:


brie outside wearing mommy’s clothes:

& brie as little lulu:

in and out of trouble, but mostly always in”


um hi

i love the feel and sound of tinkling coins against my body!

here is a scene from the video “harem 2” for my admirers in India and Saudi Arabia:




harem girl bettie page:

& here is Trishna from India doing it, while wearing coins:

what’s this about wearing wigs and glasses?!

brie gangbang:

next month’s mystery photo:

who is she?

here she is on a bed using a laptop computer:

and um



mrnuttz making love: