The Department Store

um hi


Back during the Silicon Valley days, I used to walk through a department store, then on a bridge over the road to the mall in Cupertino.
One day I was trying to buy something from a sales lady behind a counter

, and behind her was some dude.
I asked something of the sales lady, who rudely just ignored me, while her eyes were blinking frequently with the dude closely behind her. Soon the dude left, and I asked something of the lady, who, looking embarrassed and distressed, continued to ignore me. So I went away, and realized that she had been molested by the dude behind the counter.
As I worked nearby, I often went through the department store, sometimes to get lunch at the mall. Another time I saw the same extremely attractive, well-dressed woman looking really sexy as I went through the store. About an hour later as I came back I noticed her

walking in front of me looking slightly disheveled with what looked like sperm on the backs of her nylon clad legs.
I imagined that she was being used sexually by her boss in order to keep her job.


Shirley sez:

“Promises are the hollow shells of undone deeds.”


“I’d like everything to stay suspended, beautiful.”



“A racy relic from the legendary life of Bela Lugosi — a 1929 painting, featuring the naked image of Clara Bow

— has emerged from a half-century of obscurity, fated for auction this fall.

It’s sexy, iconic Hollywood history — the “It Girl,” posing au natural for Count Dracula.”

Also, Elsinore Military Academy

in Southern California, which was attended by Bela Lugosi Jr. (the son of film actor Bela Lugosi), is now a ruin looking possibly like something out of a Dracula movie!


42 year old Janet Mason

(PTA soccer mom!) looking exceedingly fit (Botox?), showing the world that she is the best at what she does.


Molly Rome with a hula hoop!


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brie as Shirley: