gladys & patty

um hi

“You know how to rock a poodle skirt!”


I always wanted to be depicted by an artist!




& Shirley stamps approved!


Speaking of poodle skirts, here is Linsey:



I was at the college for two years before attending the university.

Devastated, while at the college, by the realization that Michele wasn’t interested in me, I encountered an older woman student named Gladys

there (unusual back then as most people were under 30 years old at the time). She wore a skirt with sneakers and no socks,  which was an attractive look for her, and she was about twice my age.

We used to chat sometimes between classes at the break area near the snack bar –“Get Together” by the Youngbloods blaring from the loud speakers.

One day she offered to drive me home (I usually took the bus), but we stopped at her house instead –“Tea and Symphony” & “The Last Picture Show” ensued.

Later I thought perhaps her husband was watching through a peep hole, or even filming though a one-way mirror, which is better than my getting killed or going to the hospital due to an encounter with a jealous husband!

One day at the outdoor break area/snack bar facility, which had an overhang in case of rain, there was also a stairway you could access to a top observation deck. A hippie looking freak, probably from the university, went up there and observed the mostly apathetic students for awhile, then suddenly blurted out, “There’s a revolution out there!” Almost immediately someone (not me) responded with¬† “Why don’t you go and join it?”

Riding the bus home that day with the song “Liar Liar” by The Castaways playing in my head, while holding my calculus book.


Caught Patty Duke

in a
1973 Hawaii Five-O Season 5, Episode 15 “Thanks for the Honeymoon,”
where she portrays a pregnant bride!


What’s at the top of the stairs?

another poodle skirt!




Granny wearing Maryjane shoes!

& Susan Reno outdoors: