Patty Duke on Shirley Temple

from Entertainment Weekly:

Patty Duke

ruled the 1960s, winning an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress at 16 for The Miracle Worker and later starring in her eponymous sitcom. Starting her career at just 7, Duke has unique insight into the life of a child star, and the specific challenges they face as they grow up in the public eye. Duke opened up about those struggles in her memoir, Call Me Anna, which showed how she overcame her own difficult obstacles.

With the sad news that perhaps the most famous child star of all time, Shirley Temple,

passed away Monday night, EW spoke with Duke to discuss Temple’s influence on her, her own on-set experiences, and why she thinks so many child stars struggle once they hit adulthood.

I don’t know a whole lot about Shirley Temple’s home life or background to get what we saw on film. Except, having been almost in her shoes I know that that little girl worked hours and hours and hours and I hope somebody treated her very kindly. Every mother wanted their daughter to be Shirley Temple. I had very straight hair and my mother used to drive me crazy curling my hair so that I could look like Shirley Temple. Didn’t work!

As a child, I idolized Shirley the movie star. My favorite Shirley Temple movies were the ones that had her incredible singing and dancing and dimples, but then she’d do a scene that was serious and I would be sobbing for days. The mold had been broken. There was only one Shirley Temple. But look, she’ll live on: When we go to a restaurant, my grandchildren order a Shirley Temple.

–As told by Patty Duke

Baby Bottles,Tennis, & Women’s Surplus Army Uniforms

um hi

brie as Bettie Page.


Rebecca Starr!

& baby bottle brie:


When the new Zody’s store (sort of like a Kmart –by the way I still have my life time Gemco membership card, even though they went belly-up years ago) opened in Burbank, Smiley Burnett (one of Gene Autry’s sidekicks), and Linda Kaye

from “Petticoat Junction” were there. Burnett had a big roll of what looked liked tickets. He would tear off a “ticket” handing them to the people in line as an autograph. It didn’t even look like he signed them. It looked more like his signature was printed on them! After a few years, I threw mine away. Whereas, my uncle, who worked at Universal Studio, obtained a personally autographed photograph from Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. It was one of his prized possessions –really cool.

Substitute teacher was trying to make it as an actor.

He once took over the Enterprise, when Captain Kirk, Spock, Scotty, the communications officer, the doctor, George Takai,  and even the Russian guy beamed down to some planet.

Also, my mom was going with a gofer at the studios, who acquired a Star Trek script, which I tried to rip off from him, but before he left :”Hey! Where’s that script!?” Somehow I knew it would have value in the future.

Taking trigonometry during the “summer of love.” Dragged off to the “love-in” at Griffith Park –“At the Love-in!”

(Chocolate Watch Band)

Had the kool aid, but not the sugar cubes! The sugar cubes containing LSD will cause you to jump off a freeway overpass, according to badge 714! “Dum De Dum Dum.”

Speaking of tennis:





Alexis Texas as Marilyn Monroe:

brie as Marilyn:


Holly Mccall wearing a woman’s Army uniform (Holly’s or from the surplus store on Van Nuys Blvd.?)

brie as Holly Mccall!


brie as Shirley: