cosplay &

um hi

brie head

cheerleader at CVHS in Los Angeles county!


Brie as a waitress

at Peggy Sue’s Dinner in Yermo cal, yearning to

be impregnated by a local military man.

Yermo is where the California Agricultural Inspection Station is located

–“Got any fruit?”

“This is bat country.” (Hunter S. Thompson)


brie as Shirley Temple

wearing the ultimate saddle shoes!



Janet Mason

P.T.A. soccer mon!


Lauren Brice and TT Boy



sissy socks!


Last month’s mystery photo is Linda Lovelace.

“I have Blue Cross!”


Here is nursie brie seen cosplaying on the internet with someone else:



Brie as Patty Duke:

Byeeeeeeeeeee for now! (be perky)



sez     “I admire your work.”

brie:     Thanks ever so much precious darling.”