brie coffee mugs & fridge magnets

um hi again dearest darlings:

yesterday i submitted the following image to my online store:


almost instantly i received a print request, but it was soon canceled when the customer realised that i’m not a female. too bad! the customer could have had a 30 inch by 40 inch canvas print hanging on their wall — oh! well! (high resolution photo)

brie coffee mugs, mouse pads, magnets, artistic prints

etc. available at

pretty pictures

um hi

elli kasuga in japan has the prettiest pictures:

a few years ago elli sent me a picture from “her” Hawaii vacation, where she was only wearing a bikini! i still think i might have the picture on a back-up disk somewhere, but i can’t find it, and the cd-rom drive keeps locking up making it an ordeal to find stuff.

anyway, if either elli sends me another one, or i find the one i probably still have, i’ll post it here in this blog.

so, here i am dearest darlings getting frilly like elli: