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California population:     19,971,071

Los Angeles County population:     7,041,982

Therefore, 35% of California lived in Los Angeles County back then!!!



California population:     38,041,430

Los Angeles County population:     9.818,605

So, now only 25.8% of California lives in Los Angeles County.


With a name like Brigitte,

you might think the foreign exchange student was French, especially since she was a brunette, but she was from Germany–West Germany back then.
Anyway, Brigitte cared more about what a person was, rather than how much they had.


Beth showed up at the company picnic, wearing a tennis outfit, something like this:


Reno 1986: Driving around in the 74 Dodge Dart listening to the Seeds on a cassette tape!

Why do I feel I inspired a character in the movie “Bodies, Rest & Motion?”


School girl:

& school girl brie:


Last Chance for Romantic Love

Working at the Reno post office during the big recession of the 80’s.

Training on the Letter Sorting Machine — one address per second!

Has a keyboard like nowhere else.

When not training, either throwing mail or helping out the mail handlers unloading trucks.

While throwing mail, sometimes the big gal

would come by to chat and even touch me.

She was a couple of inches taller than I, but well proportioned, and was a cheerleader at one time.

The poor old wolf man, resembling Charlie Manson, was responsible for second-class mail — newspapers and such, wished he had never worked for the post office, but had too many years invested to quit.

For the Halloween party I wore a hat with my glasses –“Hey Elton John!”

During a break former prison guard from Carson City uttered barely audibly: “If they get rid of me, I’ll come back and dust this place!” I think he survived, since he kept saying that he wanted to be a mail handler instead of a clerk.

Too broke to buy new glasses, which would have made the training easier no doubt.

Some gal who used to work in a casino finished first.

I was on the last training module, and  it was entirely possible that I would have finished the training second out of about 10 people.

However, supervisor shit-canned me after 10 weeks.






Janet Mason PTA soccer mom!


brie as Shirley: