brie stamps (update) & FREE X-mas ornament!

um hi

brie wearing glossy sissy socks:

Bobby-soxing scene from an unknown (professional or amateur?) video, which i call “Michigan” because of a Michigan license plate on a car in the garage:


Lea De Mae
Birthday December 26, 1976
Astrology Capricorn
Birthplace Czech Republic
Date of Death Thursday, December 09, 2004
Years Active 1999-2004 (Started around 23 years old)

Lea getting ready for some serious bobby-soxing in the back-seat of a car at a drive-in movie no less, while darling boyfriend removes her petticoat:

brie bobby-soxing:


Someone just contacted me, who was interested in buying some of my stamps! I knew it! In about 100 years American thugs in Europe will be looking for the loot, not realizing its hidden right in front of them, namely, the stamps on the envelope, two of which are the 41 cent brie stamps — just like in the movie “Charade!”


I noticed earlier today at the post office that you can purchase software to make your own stamps from photos!

So, I went online and purchased the following:


This is very close to what the actual stamps will look like, if they are approved. Hopefully, they are not too tawdry for postage.(Anyway, I’m amazed.)

Byeeeeeee for now darlings

Flash! This just in: brie stamps approved. Could I be the first transvestite to wear women’s clothes on a US postage stamp? Probably not, but who knows for sure?


Dearest darlings:

There is a free X-mas brie ornament

full-size available in the “holiday & assorted” section of my photo gallery. I know of at least one admirer from Scotland, who admitted to printing it out on a color printer and assembling it!

Artistic prints available:

divine, gale, & ginger

um hi

Here is a review i wrote for for a john waters’ book :

Crackpot, December 28, 2007

Amazon actually asked me to write a review of this book. Some people must have found my last review useful (I’ve only written two previously).
Anyway, I’ve only given the book 4 stars instead of five because its neither comprehensive nor definitive, but I value just about anything pertaining to John Waters. So, let’s see. John Waters lives in a real city (Baltimore), and goes to new York and L.A. on business (expenses paid). Living in Baltimore gives John Waters a wonderful slant on events. (Baltimore is associated with E. A. Poe — I don’t even like verse except for “The Raven!”) So, we know from reading the book that John Waters will subscribe to any publication that has published an article he has written. The early days of his films must have been desperate times, requiring Divine to eat dog excrement. Can’t say enough about the importance of Divine

to some of John Waters’ films. So far the best movie seems to be “Hair Spray”. Divine and Riki Lake were incredible! Can’t imagine John Travolta as Tracy’s mom in the new picture directed by someone else, but the actress playing Tracy looks very good from what I have seen of the trailers. So, the book is definitely worth reading just to find out more about John Waters. For instance really good to know that he steaks-out the locations of his films in his tuna boat car like a detective before filming in Baltimore. Imagining John Waters in his comfortable apartment pondering his next move, while drinking Ovaltine.


In the movie “Nearly 18” 21 year-old Gale Storm (don’t confuse with Ann Sothern!) impersonates a  14 year-old girl to gain admission into an elite  singing and dancing school. Gale swipes a suit case from a rich girl and puts on her girlie clothes. Better yet though, another movie (“Major and Minor”), which came out a year before, has  31 year-old Ginger Rogers impersonating a 12 year-old girl!!!!!!  In this movie Ginger doesn’t have enough money for a train ticket. So, she has to dress like a 12 year-old girl to get a half price child’s ticket. Cleverly, she takes a scissors to gloves, cutting off the fingers, thereby creating instant bobby socks, breaks off the heels of her pumps making school girl loafers, then she cuts the top half of her skirt off, and fastening it with a tight belt somehow, obtains a short skirt. Finally, fixing her hair in bangs (like mine) and pigtails finishes the transformation:

brie as Velma: