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um, high again, precious darlings.


 princess brie:

princess brie

video “nursie brie” banned from youtube!


 which isn’t even pornographic,  banned from youtube,  after over 50,000 views!?!?!?  i should have some new videos (soon!)

for my 162 subscribers on youtube, but its quite possibe youtube will delete my account next time i upload, after recently giving me an ominous warning — perhaps this is economic: with the bad economy, they might be looking for an excuse to free up more cyberspace. 

comment from roman (Robot Monster):


roman:     “i wanna tap that ass”.

brie:     “oh! dearest baby”!


  • Trikke Says:
    Heya…Very nice site. All the best….


  • janet & wonder woman

    um hi


  • janet mason the pta soccer mommy!

  • no pencil dicks for janet.
    before her boob job,     Janet Mason was the apotheosis of the PTA Soccer Mom.

    quite possibly the following are the best interracial videos ever made, with the exception of JV-003, which can be downloaded for free from

    JV-004 “College Cock, Vol. 2: Mr. Big Cums Again”

    JV-003 [not nearley as good as the other videos!]
    JV-002 “Turbo-Fucked”

    JV-001 “Threesomes, Vol. 1: Black & White…And Me In The Middle”

    these were made when janet was truly a PTA soccer mommy, wearing her hair in bangs, and before getting her boobs enlarged. apparently, her husband does the filming, but the subsequent videos, after the early ones, have lost the intimate quality of filming an actual soccer mommy on a date in her living room, with even some family pictures visible in the background.

    her husband likes to film janet butt-ass naked with as many dudes jumping her at once as possible — oh! well! they are no doubt making buck$. janet is really very pretty, but has lost her image, no longer resembling the PTA soccer mommy she once was. anyway, she can afford to live in los angeles now!

    brie PTA soccer mommy:

    scene from video “wonder woman amazon” starring mrnuttz:


    the woman in this video is actually bigger than i am — weighs more and is taller! fantastic mrnuttz doesn’t mind if a gal has a few extra pounds. he likes his females submissively calling him “daddy” while he is making love to them! from reading his profile, i’ve found that he is more than just a sex object, but is also a most wonderful person. if i were female, i would have sent him an email for sure.

    oh! daddy!

    yes! daddy!

    please daddy!

    brie black cock whore:

    i wish!

    brie coffee mugs: