Stevi bobby-soxer & Peggy

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“Stevi Secret

talks to you about catching you sniffing her bobby sox and her warm panties. She wants to see what you do when you’re sniffing all of her stuff. She says you jerk it. She bets you sniff and slobber all over her bobby sox. Stevi talk’s right to you, sucking her own toes with those lace trimmed socks. She wants you to stick your tongue right in her ass. She rubs her pussy and sticks her finger in her asshole because she knows you want it.”


The real Peggy Hill?



Brie as Peggy Hill:



I have the same cheerleader outfit, but a different color:


Saddle shoes like Alina West:

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Framed canvas print sold!


Hillary Summers



Unknown bobby-soxer:



Star Trek Patty


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MH and doll clothes

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Saddle shoes, frilly socks and glasses!


Before ravaging, Max Hardcore dresses them like dolls,

and even lets them keep their cute outfits after!

(Although some of his stuff is way too extreme even for me!)

22 year old Vanilla Simms:


View from Max’s California house:

(Click on “view max” below:

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View of mighty Los Angeles and the Ocean off in the distance as seen from Max’s Altadena house:


Brie as Velma:


Brie as Shirley:

Brie as Patty:


New Stamps

New Stamps approved!

poodle skirt







 earl weaver:     “I would love to meet you and suck and fuck you with you wearing your keds !!!!”


brie livingston:     “Oh! Dearest baby!
You make mommy brie feel so good.”

earl weaver:     “I could put ur legs and keds on my shoulders and slowly push my cock in your sexy lil ass and lick your keds while I long dick you and then drop to my knees and tickle my tonsils with ur cock and I wanna kiss your lips and tongue with mine when I ride u backwards in my keds;) u can cum in my keds and watch me lick it out if you want to . you’re so pretty I just wanna ride u backwards over and over”


brie livingston:    “I would love your big dick sliding in and out of my pooper with your tongue in my mouth, while my soft hands, from working in an office, caress your balls thereby keeping you stiff for a long time! Cum inside of me please darling!”



The Bobby-soxer

This is the best example of bobby-soxing in its purest form, I’ve ever seen:


& brie:



 Bobby-soxer with pink panties:

bobby-soxer pink panties

nude bobby-soxer:





The Bobby-soxer fetish

Here it is!



While on probation, school teacher Mary Kay Letourneau

in the back seat of the car casually dressed, wearing sneakers  and socks,  legs up in the air, while her student lover makes her explode with passion from each inch of penetration! Mary Kay’s 


panties pushed aside and bra and skirt pulled up, sweating profusely.

Mary Kay: “I don’t care about losing my job, and risking prison precious darling –just make me a mommy please!”


Becky pregnant love making:



Molly Rome

molly rome


Apparently, Molly moved to Los Angeles from Pittsburg Pennsylvania around when she became 18 years old, worked in the porn industry extensively for about two years, then enrolled in a prestigious University back in Pennsylvania.

The Tunnel

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The girls no doubt  looked carefully before entering the tunnel, verifying that no one was to be seen from anywhere, but they didn’t notice my bus about a block away due to stop near the tunnel entrance!  About halfway inside the tunnel, they went about their passionate business. The one with short hair wearing pants pulled down the lacy panties of the girlie one wearing a skirt with her lovely flat ballerina shoes, enabling the short haired one to ravage by locating her hand underneath the skirt, where it would do the most, while passionately kissing!

So, of course, the bus dumped me out. They

noticed me as soon as I entered the tunnel, causing them to desist and start walking toward the college at the other end. I caught up with them just after we all exited the tunnel with a tremendous feeling of embarrassment for having interrupted  something so private. Further embarrassed to notice the disheveled girlie girl’s lacy undergarment showing due to not being pulled all the way up, and skirt askew.


Speaking of lesbian activity:

Bobby-soxing ballerina lesbians,

awesome video depicting a slightly butch lesbian with an amazing dildo designed to stay in while pleasuring both herself and her girlie partner wearing a ballerina outfit!
It should be similar to the male-female coupling –perhaps even better!

brie ballerina:



Gail:     “Hi just wanted to say hello from the UK, I well remember  a time when girls wore full skirts and petticoats as did my older sister, god i was so jealous , one day around the age of 12 when i was home alone I tried on her Poodle Skirt and petticoats ,from that day i was hooked , Now so many years later I have my own collection and that 50s Bobby Sox Style remains my all time favourite.”

“Please let me know in future if you post anymore of you in that style .”

“Also i remember so years ago a scene from a film where a female is held down on a kitchen table ,she was wearing a full skirt and net petticoat as a man was fucking her , I just wish i could remember where it was from or do you know of ANY films with that sort of scenario , fucking in petticoats is a real turn on to me

Regards  John (  Gail when dressed)

PS god I love your pics and site”

brie:     Thanks for the interesting email!

There was a porno film similar to what you described called “Chasin the 50s.”


If it were not a porno film, then I don’t have a clue.

When I was growing up in Los Angeles CA, they kept showing a film on television that took place at a girl’s school, wherein a nubile teenage girl went into a utility closet to make it with a young janitor. She came out all disheveled

, and wore sneakers with her skirt. They always used to show it on television, but now you never see it anywhere!

Bye for now


Gail:     “Fantastic thanks ,I have managed to find and download a copy of  ` chasin the 50s ` video, .

Keep in touch  Love you petticoat pics


PS——— I Love the USA its the best country in the world ,been to LA 5 times so far i have relatives there in Pasadena [a Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffle located there], last year my wife had driven 2,456 miles by the time we returned the hire car to LAX , I hope to return sometime this year.”


I have numerous relatives in Los Angeles.

For instance, two female cousins who grew up in Van Nuys.

One was a victim of a sexual assault in the house in Van Nuys, while her parents were away.

The other, who was a cocktail waitress in a famous bar in North Hollywood, was a more willing participant,

though, unfortunately, died when she was only about 35 years old due to alcoholism. She was a real fast lane type of person.


MILF bobby-soxing:


brie on the cover of a pulp magazine:


brie as Shirley: