julia’s stockings & panties


Julia has the best fetish website i know of.

Apparently, both Julia

and I are aficionados of old TV shows. On her website she asked the question: “did you ever wonder what was under Eve Arden’s dress?”
I emailed Julia saying that there was one episode where Eve  Arden actually  lifted her skirt showing cymbals attached to her knees, which she then clanged together!
Julia seemed impressed with the few glamour photos (of me) I sent to her as she did pretty much the same thing herself,
although Julia’s website makes big buck$ (unlike mine!).  She sells videos, and used panties. I bought a pair of her little girl panties once, but washed them first before wearing them:

someone contacted me asking if i wanted to list my used panties on a website somewhere, but i declined because i would at most only sell one or two pairs a year, and it didn’t seem worth the trouble.

Julia then went on to say in her email that her favorite old TV show was “Love That  Bob” — of course, i could have guessed! (Bob was a photographer taking glamour photos of women in the TV series.
“Hold it!
I think you’re going to like this picture”: