The Lost Semester

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former math student brie


Had to read a history book and write about it. Asked history teacher what to read: “how about von Hindenburg – the greatest German general!” (said with way too much enthusiasm.)

So, remember reading von Hindenburg in the bath tub, and at other times listening to the soundtrack from “Goldfinger” on the record player, while washing the dishes – no automatic dish washer, no color TV. Yes! We did have food stamps. Also, listening to “Sonny and Cher on the radio in my mom’s car, watching “Name of the Game” on TV, and bent seventies movies such as “Billy Jack” in the theatres.

(Later got into the university with a state scholarship. Not that I’m a brainiac, but they did cut me some slack because of my low income family.)

Anyway, in my immediate family no color TV until 1975!

Previous to that a 19 inch black & white zenith that kept making noises in the back, and consequently needed to be repaired about every two years. This is before the Japanese showed us how to make televisions that would last 10, 12, or even 15 years without repairs, then you would just throw them out, and buy a new one without incurring a repair bill. Someone’s father in high school actually made a living as a television repairman, driving around in a van with his name on it!

Now, where I used to live in Los Angeles county (La Crescenta) people pay $600K+ for houses that are essentially dumps.

Both the husband and wife must be making at least 6 figures each! Used to have working class people living there, now they must be yuppies, prison guards, or baby boomers, who bought back in the seventies, or inherited their houses (I know who some of you are!), which also would keep their property taxes down somewhat.

Anyway, during the lost semester in Glendale, I was able to squeeze into a pair of my mom’s sling-back shoes, even with her  really tiny shoe size, because the back strap had some stretch. Also would wear her button font dress, then going out on the back patio,

during the day, which was on an alley, to pleasure myself – never got caught either! This was done for kicks.

Walked miles to school listening to contentious Joe Pyne on the transistor radio “Take a walk!” Sometimes stopped at the best (only?) book store in Glendale, which had an amazing assortment of pulp magazines from the 1930’s – “Who is Doc Savage?”

I’ll have to see the old abode. Last time in Southern California, I couldn’t find it, but I sent for a high school transcript,

which has the address on it. I suspect the old place, near the unemployment office and the donut stand, has been bulldozed, and something else has replaced it. Back then you actually had to go down to the unemployment office every two weeks, I think it was, to pick up your check. No mailing or by now I suspect they have direct deposit.

According to the high school transcript, I was still bored with mathematics, but next year back in La Crescenta I was amazed that in Algebra, if you correctly followed the procedures, then the correct answer resulted!

As I am writing this the world’s best mathematician is living in St. Petersburg, Russia, and is unemployed, living in an apartment with his mother, after having done research proving the Poincare conjecture. Can’t tell anymore, since I never did any graduate work. He (Perelman) apparently can go to Massachusetts anytime to pick up one million dollars for his proof. He really should grab the money even though last I heard he disdains the award. Perhaps he will change his mind—I would.

retro nurses & dolls

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brie with shirley temple doll!


bree olson as daphne blake and bobbi starr as velma dinkley


good job girls!


from the video “dolls:”


brie taking a break with retro nurses:


from wikipedia:
Nurse Nancy

is an adult film by Director F.J. Lincoln released in 1991 by Caballero Studio. The movie stars Sandra Scream, Zara Whites, Alicyn Sterling, Peter North, Marc Wallice, Woody Long, and Tera Heart.Actor Paul Reubens, famously known for his Pee-wee Herman character, was arrested while allegedly exposing himself during a screening of this film in 1991. The incident became a major news story and influenced his shift to playing other roles.

also, not forgetting linda LOVELACE:


Just when I was beginning to think that Valerie Solanas, who shot andy warhol, was right about men being completely useless, I encountered a certain video.

Behold the amazing event!

In order to raise some money, a sorority agreed to do a video showing a really beautiful coed doing it

with two studs.

With having taken only one psychology course, I can only guess at what was transpiring.

Even though the coed knew she was a ball-busting sorority girl, she had an opportunity to affirm that not only was she totally a woman, but that perhaps males were not entirely useless!

Certainly, there was also an element of pure hedonistic pleasure.

The coed has one stud in her vagina with a condom, while the other stud was in her mouth (no condom). When one stud was done, he pulled off the condom, spewing sperm on her rear end, thereby anointing her for her phallic worship, and the symbolism is of her aspiring to be a mom some day.

As this was going on, the other sorority sisters were drinking beer and cheering her on!

After the second hunk was through in her vagina, again the condom was yanked off spraying her belly.


ALSO not forgetting lady sonia:

plus trisha:


apparently visible in the background, what appears to be images of trisha when she was younger!