bobby socks

um hi dearest darlings

Speaking of shoe locks, there you are wearing a garter belt  with nylons, black bra, panties  removed, and locked

into black patent leather high heels  with at least 2 padlocks. Who is that pounding on the door? No time to

remove the shoe locks! Someone  busts down the door saying:  “If you are going to dress

like a woman, then you are going to fuck  like a woman!” (from Hubert Selby‘s novel “Last Exit to Brooklyn”)

Ohhh Nooo


I bought my first computer back in 99. Almost immediately I noticed some fantastic pictures of Annie Anklets wearing poodle skirts, petticoats, bobby socks, and saddle shoes. So, I sent “her” an email mentioning that I like to wear poodle skirts too, and Annie said “show me!” This required that I bought a digital camera. Anyway, recently I uploaded one of my videos to a porn site, which Annie noticed and sent me a lovely email, which will remain confidential. Here are some photos of the beautiful and sexy Annie Anklets:


Annie resides in both New York and Florida. I really should go to visit “her” in Florida. I’m on the table wearing my school girl outfit with bobby socks and Mary Janes (my panties removed), while my legs are in the air with Annie’s love pole sliding in and out of my pooper as the video camera records the event! “Oh! Dearest baby! You don’t have to wear a condom for mommy brie–I’m not a ball buster — feels sooooo good”!


doll house Says:

doll house…

Great Post! I really enjoy your blog…but more than anything I love doll houses!…


I just mentioned this in an email to Annie:

About 1985 I was in Hollywood (California) and noticed some free literature in a news paper machine, which I grabbed. Later on in Silicone Valley I sent away for something having to do with fetish clothes in the publication. A really interesting catalog arrived showing among other things a male I would guess about 25 years old wearing saddle shoes with a pleated skirt — this is about the most erotic thing i have seen!!! They were selling both the pleated skirt and the saddle shoes. I do remember the advertisement saying “You’ll have to shave your legs for this one!” The catalog had other stuff probably garterbelts, nylons, and spiked high heel pumps (with shoe locks –little padlocks on them!!!– or perhaps that was some other outfit in New York that had those???), but its hard to remember. So all I know for sure is that in the eighties there was someone in Hollywood promoting the ultimate fetish: saddle shoes, what I call the bobby-soxer look. I wish I still had that catalog. its really historical.

Here is a picture of Candy, who lives in Oregon not far from the Blue Heron bistro — I believe: