peggy sue & donna

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Peggy Sue (1987)

An erotic blast from the past. . . Peggy Sue . . .what she did before she got married!

Lois Ayres
Dina Deville
Scott Irish
Melissa Melendez …  Peggy Sue
Peter North
Samantha Strong
Marc Wallice
Randy West
Ona Zee

whereas dina deville bought some bobby socks at the KMART on san fernando road, thereby stealing the movie away from ona zee and melissa melendez!

brie as Peggy Sue:



Danielle von Zerneck

Date of Birth:21 December 1965, North Hollywood [another valley girl! (North Hollywood is in the San Fernando Valley unlike Hollywood], California, USA

La Bamba (1987) ….

Danielle von Zerneck as Donna Ludwig

brie as Donna:


unknown amateur bobby-soxing:


brie wearing bobby socks with black ballerina flats:



brie ready to travel to the east coast to make the video “Crayon Kids 2” with Annie Anklets:


Oh! Dearest baby!


Recently, someone contacted me thinking I was the girl with the glasses in the amazingly sublime video “Crayon Kids,” starring Annie Anklets and the mysterious girl with the glasses. Annie really captured something special in this video:

for more information on “Crayon Kids,” contact Annie Anklets — no deadbeats please!

Also, i would really like to hear from the mysterious girl with the glasses. please contact me!


Bought my first computer back in 99. Almost immediately i noticed some fantastic pictures of Annie Anklets wearing poodle skirts, petticoats, bobby socks, and saddle shoes. So, i sent “her” an email mentioning that i like to wear poodle skirts too, and Annie said “show me”! This required that i bought a digital camera. Anyway, recently i uploaded one of my videos to a porn site, which Annie noticed and sent me a lovely email, which will remain confidential. Here is a photo of the beautiful and sexy Annie Anklets:

Annie resides in both New York and Florida. I really should go to visit “her” in Florida. I’m on the table wearing my school girl outfit with bobby socks and mary janes (my panties removed), while my legs are in the air with Annie’s love pole sliding in and out of my pooper as the video camera records the event! “Oh! Dearest baby! You don’t have to wear a condom for mommy brie–I’m not a ball buster — feels sooooo good”!

Annie:      “Open your mouth so i can urinate into it.”

brie:      “No!”

Annie:      “Open it now!”

brie:     “Do i have to?”

Annie:     “Yes! You have to!”

brie:     “Oh. All right, if i must.”


doll house Says:
June 4th, 2008 at 10:58 pm

doll house…

Great Post! I really enjoy your blog…but more than anything I love doll houses!…


More previously,

Elli Kasuga in Japan has the prettiest pictures:

A few years ago Elli sent me a picture from “her” Hawaii vacation, where she was only wearing a bikini! I still think i might have the picture on a back-up disk somewhere, but i can’t find it, and the cd-rom drive keeps locking up making it an ordeal to find stuff.

Anyway, if either Elli sends me another one, or i find the one i probably still have, I’ll post it here in this blog.

So, here i am dearest darlings getting frilly like Elli:

email to Aunt Janice:

brie:      dearest:

Aunt Janice:      <just wanted to say that you are so cute and I would love to be your mommy for a day.>

brie:      Oh! Dearest baby! That means i get to sit on your lap with my skirt up and panties down!

Aunt Janice:     <Your hairstyle with the headband is very reminiscent of Patty Duke.>

brie:      Back in the early 1990’s i would sometimes watch nick at night about two in the morning (after getting off wearing girlie clothes) and catch Patty Duke!!! She was so cute, and the hair and clothes were perfect!

Aunt Janice:     <Dont your just love the clothing styles on Lavergne and Shirley?>

brie: Also, an occaisional glimpse of Erin Moran, wearing bobby socks on “happy days”

Aunt Janice:     <I sure do. I love being a retro “Bimbo Sweater Girl” I Love wearing very large cup brassieres under a tight figure hugging sweater. I am also quite the Mommy type since I feel that one should always be properly girdled and have somewhat old fashioned taste in fashion. I always admired June>

brie: Always wearing pearls with her dress while washing the dishes — i love old movies and television shows, mainly because of the women’s clothes.

Aunt Janice:     <on the Beaver show but I tend to be more busty and a bit slutty looking. Love Aunt Janice.>

brie: Please send some photos!
byeeeeeeeeee (as Patty Duke would say) for now

Aunt janice:


Glamorous photo of Chermae, seen here wearing seamed nylons: