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Um hi


Sissy Brie:


From out of the past “RAVAGED!”:

OLY beer really big on the west coast back then.



55 year old Janet Mason:


Sex with Debbie:



Isceljenekb: ” fucking hot!”

Brie as Patty


“Wow! You have such a strong aesthetic and sense of style and your videos really create a sense of an entire world which is so rare in most porn. And of course this is very hot! Xxx”

frilly sissy


The female of the 20th century is

Shirley Temple!


Bike tour with 71 years old bobby-soxing mom:

Magna, Cathy A., or Michele B.?




with her nylons rolled down

like me!


garterbelt nylons

Breakfast with Patty

um hi:


For many months now whenever I do a certain google image search, the following are displayed:

First the mighty three cheers

followed by a picture of middle aged Patty Duke with her coffee mug

“Mental health advocate Patty Duke”

I knew her son’s father wasn’t John Astin (Gomez!) or Desi Arnez Jr., but was the guy she was married to for about a week as DNA has subsequently proved.

Would have been fantastic to watch her movies and TV shows to discuss them with her!

Anyway, next comes

Elli Kasuga from Japan, then the logo

for the website, which was almost popular at one time.

A scene from one of my videos.

Me as Shirley.

An album cover of Patty’s

Though not quite as talented a singer as Lesley Gore, Patty did an amazing job, and deserves more appreciation for her singing!

Followed by a wonderful picture of teenage Patty!

Next a painting of Shirley,

located at Peggy Sue’s coffee shop in Yermo Ca.


Finally, if I add the word “porn” to the aforementioned search, Annie Anklets, whom I regard as my internet spouse, even though there is probably no such thing, comes up as “she” is very special to me.


“Cheer panties” from Brie

Sissy Karly Kutepanties :
“That certainly cheers me up.”

From Karly:



Elisabeth Moss in The Handmaid’s Tale:



um hi

Wonderful letter from a precious admirer in India:


Dear madam,

I am [name deleted]




Marital status-unmarried,because I am GAY.

Educational qualification-Mse[MATHS] from c.u

c.u means calicut university.

Color-white Body shape-neither slim nor fat


Hobby-interested ONLY in SISSY MEN,TG’S,TV’S




[address deleted]



This is my Bio-data.In India there is no way to get such

stuffs.Whenever I see your sexy pix I want to fuck you right now.I want to insert my big 10’11”TOOL in your sexy MOUTH.and also I want to insert into your fleshy BUTT.I just want to frig in between your plump THIGHS.

SO I just want to fuck you to the full or to the death.

Would you mind my being to be frank with you.can you suck my TOOL and swallow up my hot LAVA.I want you to get my WEAPON wanked by you.I am very frank ,because I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH

Thanking you.

Yours lovingly,

[name deleted]


Please to be frank and express yourself.and also  always

do dwell upon in a diffuse style.I always would love to anoint you with my hot LAVA and cause you to BATHE in is that? Keep them up in your mind for ever.

I hope you will soon be with faster. Have a nice day.

One more thing.I always want to see you in YOUR BIRTHDAY SUIT only.


Please keep all of them in your beautiful mind.

Thank you

Oh! Dearest baby! You make mommy brie feel so good!


This just in:

Hi Brie darling, loving the videos as always, just love seeing you

in your pretty outfits, your nylons and garters and of course

those cutsie bobby sox. On the subject of little ankle socks I was

in contact with Annie Anklets

a while back and, long story short,

she ended up mailing me a package of her used saddle shoes, her

peephole, cumstained masturbation panties and lots of her pretty

white anklets for me to video myself for her wearing and playing

with myself in them. I still have some of these clips on my hard

drive if you’d like to see. It does get a little, shall we say,

‘R’ rated – Me in grey pleated mini skirt, black sweater and white

blouse, Annies saddle shoes and socks

and her cum stained panties,jerking myself off, slipping one of her worn socks over my cock

and then pushing it up my ass as I jerk off. If you want to see

just let me know your email – mine is [email address deleted] – no

problem if you don’t! Just thought they may be up your street!
(I, like lots of others judging by by a post on your site, thought

you were the one accompanying her in the delicious ‘Crayon Kids’

vid she did until i read your note – never did find out who it was

– Annie was kind of inpenetrable at the best of times!)
Anyhow, keep up the good work Brie darling, you have a devoted fan

here in Merrie Olde England.

picture of honey B –i get it:


Thanks ever so much!

More about this later.

pregnant bobby-soxer & max

um hi


imagine you are a soccer mom, wearing sissy socks (lacy ruffles) with your ballerina flats, short skirt & top, while max hardcore


 bends you over and takes you from the rear. firstly, inserting his penis into your pussy, before his ultimate goal of penetrating your ass.
usually, max prefers his gals young and skinny. however, i remember one scene where some other guy was doing anal with a stocky (like me!) gal wearing bobby socks, saddle shoes,  and with her legs in the air, then max jumped in, continuing, by inserting his love pole into her pooper. annie anklets reminded me that the stocky girl with the saddle shoes and bobby socks was wearing glasses too! that’s right– i almost forgot!
if i were female, i might actually have a chance with max. i’ll wear sissy socks with flat shoes, and my hair will be in pigtails. i’ll get behind max, while probing his anus with my tongue, i’ll reach around with my arms, and with one hand i’ll lovingly caress his testicles, while the other strokes his penis (i have soft hands from working in an office with mostly women), then, later, with my legs in the air wearing my saddle shoes and bobby socks, he will have his way with me! 

max girl brie:


as promised pregnant bobby-soxing: 


her husband is a grouch! i wanted him to be on top sixty-nining, so as better to see his genitals while looking up submissively, and he got pissed off.






also, latina bobby-soxing her lover:


katie sissy soxing:


brie turquoise bobby socks:


here is the mystery photo:


who is she?

send me your guesses.

answer next month.

byeeeeeeeeeee for now