Surrealistic Writing

um hi

um hi


An attempt at surrealistic writing:

I came upon the water from an unexpected direction, finding a poster of myself floating there. The poster looked something like a movie poster with both words and illustration. I pulled the poster out of the water and went into the nearby bathroom. After finishing my business, I left the poster there for others to gawk at, but later thought I would want the poster as a curiosity and a keepsake, but now it was gone. So, I returned quickly to the water hoping to find another poster, which I did, but a wave crashed over it as they were no doubt expecting me this time! I then went downtown and heard a horse galloping. Whereupon I looked and saw it was Zorro pasting a poster


of me on the wall of the building! I knew they were after me for the crime of enticement. Two of them grabbed me. it was their job to prepare me for the ordeal. Applying debilitating  cream, then dressing me as a school girl wearing lacy bobby socks, loafers, plaid skirt, blouse, and with my hair in pigtails, I was now ready!


I knew there was no escape as the pederasts were gathering for the gang bang of me by the sodomites. I thought perhaps i should poop before the event. They swarmed me and were shoving their apendages into my orifices, one after the other, then I awoke.  

Recommended reading: “Second Skin” Paperback by John Hawkes


There is not much information available on Rebecca Starr.

rebecca starr

Apparently, she


came to Los Angeles from South Africa, and worked in the porn industry for 3 years, then returned to South Africa with a pile of money, but I’m not completely sure. ¬†


From “Chasin the 50’s:”

tiffany mynx

Tiffany Mynx petticoating.


Chasey Lain bobby-soxing:



Brie Bride


from the video.


Brie’s house in California:



Brie as Shirley