waitress & bride

um hi

“I said hey!” from the movie “beyond the valley of the dolls”  starring Michael  Blodgett, whom I always thought was the same person as Mike  Ranger the Porno Star; if not then blodgett  must have a brother or cousin who greatly resembles him?

from the film “taboo” kay parker with mike ranger on the bed: 

Saw  Ron Jeremy the schlong twirler on joy Beyhar the other night. ron is really intelligent, and has a master’s degree in something.

He really must be the historian for the Porn industry, if he isn’t already.

I’ve noticed that his penis loses about one inch of length every 10 years.

he is not a great lover, since he is much too quick. usually, its stroke, stroke, in and out, pull out, suck me off, squirt, done. rarely, does he really get into it.

 ron jeremy with lexi diamond:


carmen hart as a bride:

brie bride:

passionate fiona:

fiona’s face is blurred out. guess you have to pay windycity.com some money to see her face.

brie bobby socks:

kira kener as the waitress:

brie waitress:

this just in from jeimy:

“kiss from your girlyfriend”

what a doll!

hugs and kisses to you too.

i’m not that organized. i jsut keep my wigs in a plastic bag, and my shoes in luggage.