Surviving the Eighties

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Tiffany Storm wearing pink Granny boots from Kmart!

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& Tianna wearing saddle shoes:



Surviving the big recession of the 1980s (don’t confuse with the more recent great recession), while living in Reno Nevada, was somehow accomplished.
Driving a 1974 Dodge (don’t confuse with the Blues Mobile), and living in a mobile home park near the airport.
The mobilehome


had aluminum wiring and two inch thick walls, which soon became illegal due to the new Federal Standards for manufactured housing.
On a typical cold day i would wake up around 9 o’clock in the morning to turn on the quartz heater  before jumping back into bed with the small black & white portable television on waiting for the room to heat up (never had the money to fix the big central air heater the whole 3 1/2 years there, but the swamp (evaporative) cooler did work for the hot weather).
On day Mike, who claimed to be from the Upper  Peninsula of Michigan, was outside sleeping in my yard. So, i drove him in my heap to downtown Reno (the Horseshoe Casino) for breakfast paid by me. I do believe Mike suffered from schizophrenia . Yelling at the Horseshoe waitress: “I’m Howard Hughes Junior!” Another example was his mind tripping with Jill Saint John


(don’t confuse with Susan Saint James!).  


Oh! Incidentally, back then the only casino gambling existing then in the USA was in Nevada and Atlantic City New Jersey!


Scene from “Sock it to me” on Overtime video:

im getting fucked

“I’m getting fucked!”


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