June retro & Mom redux

um hi

Recently saw the movie

“My Brothers Wife” from 1966, which was an adult film back then, and not being explicit to be legal.

The star of the movie was June Roberts.

Wow look at those bangs and flipped hair!



Mom the bobby-soxer:



Next month’s mystery photo:

Who is she?


um hi


brie as Daphne:


It only lasted for about a year.

I think it was during the first grade.


and I formed a bond, as if we were an old married couple. Perhaps I met my soul mate, when we were too young to benefit from it?

We were almost always together. I didn’t really understand any reason for the attraction, but we were extremely comfortable together. One day the toughest kid in the school came upon us on a street corner. He seemed disturbed that I was with Patty, and started to hassle me into a fight. I was terrified as he knew ju jitsu, and I had seen him destroy another kid in a fight at school, still punching the other kid in the face even while the opponent was crying!

Amazingly, Patty stepped in between us and somehow defused the situation, knowing just what to say and how to say it.

Somehow my association with Patty suddenly ended, when I became best friends with Billy, though Billy and I were like two girls anyway!

Right! The Panorama theatre

at Nordoff St and Van Nuys Blvd

had a soundproof crying room with speakers for mommies and their babies. Also, I think there was a pizza place and a hobby shop next to the Panorama.

I remember seeing “Forbidden Planet”, “War of the Worlds”, the original “Parent Trap”, and “the Alamo!”

Once invited to sit with the girls. Magna

was the cutest girl in the school, but I thought she had a tough boyfriend, who would knock my head off!

Also, saw the sublimely prefect “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” there. Visited the old neighborhood last year (Arleta — used to be Pacoima). The Hebrew school on Beachy and Osborne is no longer there, but the building still exists. Around 1980 noticed Spanish language movies playing at the Panorama. Last year noticed the Panorama sign was still there.

Finally, saw “The Time Machine” there — going into the future where the Morlocks have taken over!


Milf bobby-soxing:


Janet Mason PTA soccer mom!

I think Janet would look really good in a tennis outfit:


Last month’s mystery photo is Sue Nero:


brie as Shirley