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brie wearing nylons and white pumps like super mommy Elaine:

Amazing amateur mom, whose love-making sessions are captured on video.

This  appears to be the real intimate deal way beyond belief!


Pregnant mommy:


from Maria (retired):
“I made the mistake of telling my husband one time when he was using a cock-like dildo in me that he probably would like me to fuck another man so he could watch. That set the wheels in his head in motion as the next night there was a knock on our door and even though I was in a sheer babydoll nightie he told me to open the door. I was shocked at his request then it hit me what he was up to and I could see a look in his eye that told me I was going to be gang-raped for acting like a slut. There were three black men and my hubby forced me to be raped for over two hours.”

brie as Maria:


more brie as Maria:


Here is the great Hillary Summers:

“Terri Dolan and Hillary Summers fuck Mike Ranger in a locker room after a big game in this classic clip.”  (1979).

Both girls are wearing these shoes:

These look like the same shoes Hillary wore in the film “The Budding of Brie” and numerous other movies and magazines. (the other gal also had a pair of the same shoes). Where are these shoes now? Perhaps they have mystical powers?!  What size are they?

I love that look!

the letter that never arrived

um hi

(brie as girl reporter lois lane)

an envelope with these stamps:


and containing this card:

also, containing this letter:

Dear Larry:

Thanking you for letting me use some items from your blog!

I am now reading Caryl Chessman’s “Cell 2455, Death Row.” What a wasted life!

Chessman seemed to prefer the Glendale area, though I guess his parent’s house was in Atwater, according to a photo in your blog.

Too bad chessman didn’t describe better some of the locations in his book.

My best blog entry, except for the stuff I got from you, was probably the entry on Margot Kidder’s

nervous breakdown period.

During that time her last known address was the Bell motel on Colorado Blvd.

Two years ago I went to the address, but the Bell motel was no longer there, since a new building was put up!

So, I only got a picture of the new building, but also on Google satellite I got a picture of the top of the old Bell motel –probably there when Tom Joad came through. Actually, Steinbeck was living in Eagle Rock (I might have got that information from your blog) during the great depression, swiping avocadoes from other people’s yards for his hamburgers.

Anyway, during my lost semester at Glendale high school, before moving to La Crescenta – not far from the Spike Jones market, I lived in a duplex really close to the unemployment office, which had a donut store next to it, near San Fernando Rd!   The unemployment office might have been in Burbank, but our old duplex unit was just inside the Glendale unified school district. Listening to Joe Pyne (“lady go haunt a house!”) on the transistor radio, while walking miles to school. My point is that the unemployment office, the donut store, and our old apartment, which was on an alley, were all gone two years ago, when I was looking around—how utterly disturbing! Remembering the Foothill freeway bulldozing Joe six-packs out of the way going through La Crescenta, while just missing the high school. Three high schools in the GUSD (not counting magnets–my junior high was made into a magnet – whatever those are) John Wayne went to Glendale, Richard Boone went to Hoover, but no one really famous or important ever went to Crescenta Valley!

Finally, when my mom was a girl, she lived in the same area as the Black Dahlia incident!

Most Respectfully yours,

Chatty brie

Most important Angelino ever: Mulhulland for sure

that never arrived.



“Having your own blog is like having your own insane asylum.”



um hi

scene from video brie cheer:


“firecracker firecracker!”


retro cheerleaders:

& from the internet:

“In the mid-70’s there was a sit-com called “Welcome Back Kotter” starring Gabe Kaplan as a high school teacher in Brooklyn. [Some guy named Travolta played one of his students,aka “The Sweathogs] At the end of the show, when they rolled the credits, they showed people in a real-life street scene in what I presume is Brooklyn. A girl was walking and wearing an athletic jacket and on the back, written in script was “Ty Cobbs Cheerleaders” I just happened to catch the end of a rerun today, so I’m wondering,is there a high school named after Cobb in Brooklyn or NYC?[i don’t think so]


answer to last month’s mystery photo:

Audrey Rose

from the movie “Chunky Cheerleaders.”

I saw the outtakes at the end of the movie, and a handsome actor tried to flirt with Audrey Rose, but she was just there to work and make buck$. However, the good-looking stud made sure she would not ever forget him!

Also, Audrey mentioned that she needed a ride back to North Hollywood (where I used to live!).

Additionally, delightful Roxy Blaze

really has a wonderful personality according to the outtakes.


Natasha Lyonne has also appeared in more than 30 other movies, including starring roles in the independent films Slums of Beverly Hills [“Let’s go to Sizzler!”] and “But I’m a Cheerleader.”


stamps approved:


& Princess Leia



over 8,000 downloads of “velma varsity”

on deviantart!?!?!?


brie coffee mugs and fridge magnets available at:



brie as Betty Boop:

Betty Boop by the artist Doc Icenogle:


bobby-soxer (Cathy)


& brie:

next month’s mystery photo: