um hi

brie wearing nylons:


i was just killing time during my day off, when i came across a music video featuring gangbang gloria. this really made my day, since gloria is my idol! gangbang gloria is“gloria!” i know the song was written by van morrisson from ireland, but this video is about gangbang gloria out of los angeles, with music (”gloria”) by the legendary “doors”. i am sure the doors would approve — someone please notify their website (video is on xvideos as are some of mine), and i would be greatly dissapointed, if van morrison did not approve. oh! though not heavy on action, this is possibly the best music video i’ve ever seen, though it was probably automatically edited by a program.

anyway, here are some scenes from the music video:

gloria kissing:


gloria doing it:


gloria wearing nylons:





gloria bobby-soxing:



brie wearing bobby socks:

brie545who is gangbang gloria anyway? i found one of her videos in a porn shop once, and lynn carroll has some of gloria’s stuff, but gloria’s videos are usually hard to find. from lynn carroll:

Lynn Loves L.A. (1993 •
Available On: VHS
Starring: Gloria, Lynn Carroll

I had always wanted to meet the famous “Gang Bang Gloria” from California so I decided to go to L.A. She and I met

11 men and we fucked everyone dry. It’s impossible to detail everything as so much happened. I had my asshole abused

and did NINE anals…

lastly, from “the real bettie page” by richard foster :

“bettie stood in her sweater and skirt, her feet shifting nervously in her bobby socks and black-and-white saddle shoes.”

brie nylons

um hi


brie pom pomming

brie with bosco the dog:


& college girl brie:


unknown amateur doing it while wearing nylons:


brie wearing nylons just like the big girls:


lea mae bobby-soxing in a car:



Lea De Mae
Birthday December 26, 1976
Astrology Capricorn 
Birthplace Czech Republic 
Date of Death Thursday, December 09, 2004
Years Active 1999-2004 (Started around 23 years old)


lea getting ready for some serious bobby-soxing in the back-seat of a car at a drive-in movie no less, while darling boyfriend removes her petticoat:


brie bobby socks:


brie as velma dinkley:


finally, answer to last month’s mystery photo:

amber hunt


next month’s mystery photo:



here she is in the limo: