Brie in Hollywood

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Peggy Sue

Addendum to “Brie in Hollywood” July 2011

The money came from working at Tony Ferra’s nightclub on the Sunset strip, getting it ready to open.
Took me years to figure out that Tony paid me not for the minimal work, but for the previously mentioned gag:
Me “I want a Tab (drink)”
Liquor store clerk “Hunter (actor)!?

When the nightclub opened “The Buckinghams” (one hit wonders) were signed as the house band.


um hi

Shirley Saddle Shoes


Tracy Love wearing a pinafore for “Kelly the Coed 3”


“Aliases: Tracey Love, Tracy Luv
Years Active: 1994 – 2000
Born: May 1st 1971 / Taurus
Birth Place: Russia
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Height: 5ft 2in
Typical Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Tracy Love
Porn Star Biography for Tracey Love

Tracey Love is a blonde, compact, petite Russian porn starlet and feature dancer, known for her energetic performances. Before entering the adult film world, Tracey had dreams of making it big as an actress in Hollywood. So, she eventually made the trek to Hollywood. Once Tracey arrived, she took up some odd jobs like waitressing and being a receptionist. Eventually, Tracey realized that these jobs weren’t enough to get by, so she began exotic dancing at several local strip clubs in Los Angeles. While dancing, she met and befriended porn star Misty Rain. Thanks to the influence of Misty, Tracey decided to enter the adult film world in 1995.

Tracey’s career in the industry spanned from 1995 to 2000 and she was featured in over 100 different adult titles. As a testament to her popularity, she worked with some of the industry’s most popular studios like Mile High, Vivid, Adam & Eve, Elegant Angel, Wicked Pictures, and Rosebud. Love’s filmography contains many anal titles, but she’s worked in plenty of DP, Ass 2 Mouth, and Interracial films as well. In one of Tracey’s first films, she put in a dynamic performance in 1996’sNaked & Nasty with veteran and legendary stud Peter North. Tracey’s petite size was a perfect fit for her role in Spinners 2 where she teamed up with Jay Ashley.
Tracey’s Fun Facts

Tracey takes pride in being an active woman and she loves going for long rides on her mountain bike or taking long jogs along the beach.

Love’s favorite cuisine is Japanese food.

Tracey is a big fan of Blues, Classical and Jazz music.”

Tracy with Max Hardcore:





Peggy Sue


Brie as Patty:

Patty Lane


Brie as Shirley:



Frilly bobby socks Seattle Jasmine Johnson:

Jasmine Johnson

The Bobby-soxer fetish

Here it is!



While on probation, school teacher Mary Kay Letourneau

in the back seat of the car casually dressed, wearing sneakers  and socks,  legs up in the air, while her student lover makes her explode with passion from each inch of penetration! Mary Kay’s 


panties pushed aside and bra and skirt pulled up, sweating profusely.

Mary Kay: “I don’t care about losing my job, and risking prison precious darling –just make me a mommy please!”


Becky pregnant love making:



Molly Rome

molly rome


Apparently, Molly moved to Los Angeles from Pittsburg Pennsylvania around when she became 18 years old, worked in the porn industry extensively for about two years, then enrolled in a prestigious University back in Pennsylvania.

cosplay &

um hi

brie head

cheerleader at CVHS in Los Angeles county!


Brie as a waitress

at Peggy Sue’s Dinner in Yermo cal, yearning to

be impregnated by a local military man.

Yermo is where the California Agricultural Inspection Station is located

–“Got any fruit?”

“This is bat country.” (Hunter S. Thompson)


brie as Shirley Temple

wearing the ultimate saddle shoes!



Janet Mason

P.T.A. soccer mon!


Lauren Brice and TT Boy



sissy socks!


Last month’s mystery photo is Linda Lovelace.

“I have Blue Cross!”


Here is nursie brie seen cosplaying on the internet with someone else:



Brie as Patty Duke:

Byeeeeeeeeeee for now! (be perky)



sez     “I admire your work.”

brie:     Thanks ever so much precious darling.”