peep show

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brie wearing a Shirley Temple



Peep Show

Traveling in the Oldsmobile, jumping onto highway 33 somewhere south of Stockton, going about 100 MPH, but slowing down for occasional towns, past Firebaugh, heading south beyond the James Dean cutoff, which goes to Paso Robles,  and onward toward Los Angeles –one of many trips from the ranch in Rio Linda back to LA. It was a hot summer day with the air conditioning in the Oldsmobile cranking. I was in the back seat, and the stepmom

decided to lift her dress, enabling the cool air from the air conditioner better access. Suddenly, the driver of a big-rig truck from the other direction in the opposite lane toots his horn in appreciation for the free peep show!

From the back seat I could only see the dress being lifted up and some of the nylon clad legs.

Continuing on to the Maricopa Highway, to converge on Highway 99, over the grapevine, pass the amazing LA Aqueduct, and then on to mighty Los Angeles!

The land north of Los Angeles county used to be desert until the advent of the California Water Project –now there are rutabagas and other such stuff growing.



wearing saddle shoes!


MILF doing it:



Shirley Kemp

wearing those shoes!


Recently, discovered a fairly new TV series called “Bomb Girls,”

which is about a group of women

working in a bomb factory during WWII. Outstanding! Might possibly be as good as “Mad Men.”


brie as Shirley Temple:

Byeeeeee for now



brie stamps approved!

the bobby-soxer:

& brie with Bosco the dog:


hi honey

from ~RawConceptz

to ~brielivingston

Hi sexy !!… hows the dressing up going ? i really like your stuff and i have been keeping an eye on it 😛 lol your a naughty girl really haha… but i loveyor vintage stuff btw and all the vintage clothes you have been wearing its awesome ! 🙂 x

have yo worn fur coats

before ? 😛