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Oh! This could be my mom on the cover:


— notice the sweater! My grandmother was knitting some really good sweaters back around this time! I suspect that after the divorce, when my mom became about 30 years old, she went wild doing who knows what, but  after about a year of that she decided to get married again. Apparently, being a call girl and doing porn wasn’t all it was cracked up to be — this was before porn became a major industry!

I so far haven’t been able to find out anything about “Showcase” magazine. If it were published back East, then perhaps that’s not her on the cover, but that sweater!!!!!!

Anyway, I always wanted to be on the cover of the Police Gazette!


The mighty “Police Gazette” went out of business in 1982. Apparently, finished by the big recession back then. It claimed to be the oldest magazine in the United States — sez so right on the cover! (“established 1845”)

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holly & molly

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holly Mccall driving up the hill in her VW bug [I can’t drive a stick shift!]
— looks like the santa monica mountains of los angeles (not marin county near frisco) to meet Mike  Ranger (best looking male porn star ever!)– looks just like someone, who had a television show in los angeles, then later acted in movies, before doing porn — but i can’t verify


(hey! look at all those books! the former actor went on to write screenplays, but i still have not proven the identity, and i don’t want to get into trouble by claiming something that might not be true, even though i would almost bet money that’s the same person!)    

brie as holly:


anyway, the best photos of holly were taken when she was wearing a woman’s army uniform. looks like the person running her website thinks so too! the uniform fits her so perfectly that one wonders:

was she in the army –probably not

guard or reserve?  –possibly.

or did she buy the uniform at an army – navy surplus store in los angeles?


brie as holly mccall:


molly rome wearing knee socks with school girl loafers, while pat myne makes love to her:


brie as molly:


in the 1951 movie “starlift” actress janice rule was almost as big as doris day. janice went on to do, mostly, television. for instance an episode of “name of the game” — i loved that show!

brie as janice:


brie’s house in los angeles county:


brie’s high school: