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brie as Jo Ann



“I want for nothing.”


Esther lived on our cul de sac in Arleta (San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles).

She wore her hair in bangs and had glasses.

One day, when I was about 10 years old,  I was over there wearing loose fitting short pants, enabling Esther to sneak her hand up to my private parts. I think she just wanted to see the expression on my face as I was ignoring her –that got my attention!

She only did that once since to do it again would be wrong, and she could always say her hand slipped, but I never mentioned it to anyone.

Since then I’ve always associated  women with bangs and glasses as being friendly.

Whereas on the street just off the cul de sac lived Herb and Flo

with their swimming pool.

One day while visiting over there I removed Flo’s soiled panties from the bathroom hamper, and wore them underneath my clothes.


Tonya’s best video for sure:


Bobby-soxer bobby-soxing:


Glamour pinup:


Polterpastry sez

“Hi I drew a picture of you

I hope you like it”

Love it!


Saw Liz Moss


Top of the Lake!


Lastly, brie as Patty: