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Marilyn Monroe


 (June 1, 1926 – August 5, 1962), Monroe was born in the Los Angeles County Hospital on June 1, 1926 as Norma Jeane Baker, was an American actress, singer and model.

After spending much of her childhood in foster homes, Monroe began a career as a model, which led to a film contract in 1946.
She was told that they were looking for models with lighter hair, so Norma Jeane bleached her brunette hair to a golden blonde.


 In 1946, she came to the attention of Ben Lyon, a 20th Century Fox executive, who arranged a screen test for her.


It was agreed that she would change her name. Lyon told her that she reminded him of the actress Marilyn Miller and she took her grandmother’s name of Monroe as her surname, but when her contract was not renewed, she returned to modeling. She attempted to find opportunities for film work, and while unemployed she posed for nude photographs.

[Not too long ago there was a video  that appeared on the Internet purported to be a surviving porno of the legendary Marilyn Monroe]:


The video can be viewed at Xvideos. all I will say is that it sure looks like her.

Back then you could cover things up. Apparently, the studio bought the negative and supposedly all the prints, but you know that someone would stash at least one copy away. Many years later when they didn’t have to worry about Joe DiMaggio (one of her husbands who was a baseball player) and frank Sinatra breaking down their door, the video was uploaded to the Internet.


Brie wearing an open-bottom girdle –like Marilyn:



In 1948 Monroe signed a six-month contract with Columbia Pictures, and was introduced to the studio’s head drama coach, Natasha Lytess, who became her acting coach for several years. She starred in the low-budget musical, Ladies of the Chorus, but the film was not a success, and her contract was not renewed. She appeared in a small role in the Marx Brothers film Love Happy (1949) and impressed the producers, who sent her to New York to feature in the film’s promotional campaign.



Love Happy brought Monroe to the attention of the agent, Johnny Hyde, who agreed to represent her. He arranged for her to audition for John Huston, who cast her in the drama The Asphalt Jungle, as the young mistress of an aging criminal. Her performance brought strong reviews, and was seen by the writer and director, Joseph Mankiewicz. He accepted Hyde’s suggestion of Monroe for a small comedic role in All About Eve, as Miss Caswell, an aspiring actress.  Mankiewicz later commented that he had seen an innocence in her that he found appealing, and that this had confirmed his belief in her suitability for the role. Following Monroe’s success in these roles, Hyde negotiated a seven-year contract for her with 20th Century Fox, shortly before his death in December 1950.

[the rest is film history].



 Her early roles were minor, but her performances in The Asphalt Jungle and All About Eve (both 1950) were well received. She was praised for her comedic ability in such films as Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, How to Marry a Millionaire, Some Like It Hot and The Seven Year Itch, and became one of Hollywood’s most popular and glamorous performers.

The typecasting of Monroe’s “dumb blonde” persona limited her career prospects, so she broadened her range. She studied at the Actors Studio and formed Marilyn Monroe Productions. Her dramatic performance in William Inge’s Bus Stop was hailed by critics, and she won a Golden Globe Award for her performance in Some Like it Hot.

The final years of Monroe’s life were marked by illness, personal problems, and a reputation for being unreliable and difficult to work with. The circumstances of her death, from an overdose of barbiturates, have been the subject of conjecture. Though officially classified as a “probable suicide,” the possibility of an accidental overdose, as well as the possibility of homicide, have not been ruled out.

In 1999, Monroe was ranked as the sixth greatest female star of all time by the American Film Institute.

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Taunter:               (derisively)         “you are just a bimbo bobby-soxer!”



Brie:            (degradingly)     “it was true!”

answer to last month’s mystery photo:

chasey lain shown here petticoating:



from the video:


where she is seen exiting a fifties car wearing a poodle skirt with petticoat and bobby socks, before entering the house to have sex with her lover.

next month’s mystery photo:


seen here with curly hair wearing a puka shell necklace!

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brie on the cover of STI, which was an excellent publication that ended after only 10 issues: