bikini & flo

um hi

from the video “bikini”


Laguna Beach:


humping on the sofa in the el cheapo apartment.

“seriously that is gross uploading pictures of your own mother engaged in such lewd acts”

Walking on the boardwalk in Laguna Beach with “Twist & Shout” by the Eisley Brothers blaring from the loud speaker, an assistant life-guard- surfer-boy, wearing the short orange swim trunks that were issued, puffs out his chest better to knock me off the boardwalk. I’m not hurt from falling on the soft beach sand–just miffed! Welcome to Laguna stranger!

This is different from the San Fernando Valley. Watch out for the King’s Men of Arleta (gang)! They will get you! A friend of mine’s brother was a member, who liked the Coaster’s music: “yakity yak — don’t talk back!”

Getting back to Laguna Beach, swiped pop bottles from the back of a momma-poppa store, went into the front of the same store, and sold them for the deposits. The big bottles were worth a nickel each!

Had enough money to go to the theatre on the Pacific Coast Highway.

Elvis movie:

“Poor man wants to be a rich man

Rich man wants to be a king

But the man who can sing, when he hasn’t got a thing

He’s a king!

Of the whole wide world”

Fell asleep (front row center) only to be awakened by a cop shining a flashlight in my face. Mom thought something might have happened to me, since I was missing. Incident was written up in the local newspaper.

Artist (Ed) hung some paintings in our restaurant, which was next to the Brass Rail Bar, located on the east side of the coast highway.  I loved his paintings! His best was some boys playing marbles –the expressions on their round faces –especially the eyes, and the marbles! Vincent Price (the actor) was supposed to be interested in his work. Price selected paintings for Sears, thereby bringing art to the middle class.


on the school bus rubbing against me.


Speaking of Elvis, found a video with an Elvis impersonator making it with

Lexi Belle

The video starts with Lexi Belle and the Elvis impersonator doing the really cute dance from the movie “Viva Las Vegas!” It was lovely. Lexi Belle did a really fantastic job as Ann Margret.


Speaking of perky insurance ladies, brie as Flo.


Oh! also, brie as Sally from “Mad men:”


Max and the MILF:

& Vanessa Del Rio with sissy socks:


production summery:

30 apr 2000 obtained first Olympus digital camera photos through:

apr  2000 through 2006

2007 obtained second olympus camera, which can do 30 second video with no sound in addition to photos

from 2007 through 2008

2009 obtained mighty fe-310, which can take one minute videos with sound in addition to really good photos

from 2009 through 2010

Camera Data



Shutter Speed:1/30 second


Focal Length:6 mm

ISO Speed:125

Date Taken:Mar 10, 2010, 6:37:25 AM


“Men die

Women sigh



South African woman gets welcomed to Van Nuys in the San Pornando Valley (Los Angeles California):