Carolyn, Lauren, Doris & bobette super mommy

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brie wearing pink bobby socks:

Carolyn Jones was an American actress, best remembered for playing the role of Morticia Addams in the classic TV series “The Addams Family”, but even more importantly, appeared with Elvis Presley in the movie “King Creole,” where she was ordered by her pimp to lift up her skirt thereby showing off her legs.

brie as carolyn:

 and more obscurely Lauren Chapin born in Los Angeles, California is an American former child actress, most famously

remembered for her role as youngest child “Kathy ” (nicknamed

Kitten“) in the television show Father Knows Best. She is the author of Father Does Know Best—The Lauren Chapin Story

(1988). in her book lauren admitted to being slightly chubby, but she was cute as hell. any parent would be delighted to have a wonderful daughter like that. also, described in the book was lauren’s ordeal with drug addiction and forced prostitution — among other things. amazingly, she survived and moved on. 

brie as kitten:

in the movie “glass bottom boat” a mature doris day, with fantastic hairdo, easily gets an “A-” grade for her lovely clothes!

according to doris herself, she was sometimes called “the chipmunk” because some director thought she had a chubby face.

brie as doris (que sera, sera):

when i first saw bobette, i thought she was pregnant, but she was just over weight. after her “john robert powers” training, she exuded charm and poise with her hair style and clothes. once she complained that her health wasn’t the best, but i couldn’t see anything wrong. she went on a diet, which excited the males at work. most memorable image of bobette the super mommy: seeing her walking, while munching on celery!

bobette the super mommy:

   brie pom pomming scene from one of my videos:

brie & molly the dolly

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jinkies! brie as velma:

actual scene from one of my videos:

here i am watching a scene from another video:brie751

i call this video “thanx koa” because the woman in this is seen standing next to a sign which says “thanks koa”. she has the most wonderful husband (boyfriend?) for a lover!

she is a little stocky and looks like someone’s fourth grade school teacher. oh! how she lovingly gets on her knees to worship her boyfriend’s love pole! they are in the park behind the bushes. you can hear the hubbub of other people in the park as she is on her back with her dress unbuttoned in the front. the darling boyfriend is giving her the in and out for awhile, then he moves his face down below orally, before going back to the in and out with her legs in the air, while she is wearing sneakers and socks, removing her glasses, which have steamed up! looks like this video escaped from someone’s bedroom. if anyone has any information about this video, please let me know.   

molly the dolly

recently, an admirer asked me the name of my doll:

at first i was going to name my doll hillary, but that sounds too political, even though i was naming the doll after the porn actress hillary summers. so, i decided on “molly”, which is not named for molly ringwald (excellent in “pretty in pink”!), but for molly rome the porno star.

who not only looks like a doll, but wears cute little outfits (like me!), while getting penetrated variously.

brie with molly the dolly:

brie with what an admirer called the voodoo doll:

One Response to “molly the dolly”

  1. lady carrie Says:
    hello Brie:i love You and do not think it is a voodoo doll at all but Your dolly!Thanks for all You do for me and i am proud to be Your friend, after Mistress C gets my wardrobe more in line, (more conservative….only dresses, skirts, hose, heels and flats with an occasional pair of dress slacks this winter; i will send You some pictures for Your blog!
    i just got my hair and nails done last weekend and feel so ladylike already.
    i love Your outfits and shoes of course, makes me jealous, but Mistress C says i have to move on and be Her Lady!
    curtsy to You Brie, love, hugs and kiss
    lady carrie