um hi

(brie wearing Shirley Temple dress):

PATTY  DUKE:   from new york, appeared in the play “the Miracle Worker”, and later in the movie!
at the time youngest person to have a TV show named for her. last year of tv show moved to los angeles.
at her best in the amazing movie: “Valley  of the Dolls”!
had an affair with Desi Arnez junior!!!!!!
finally, ending up in Idaho married to a solider, whom she  met while filming a movie about a single mom joining the army — I’ve never seen this movie anywhere, but it sounds wonderful as she met her present husband, while making it.

patty brie:

SHIRLEY TEMPLE:   best child actress of film ever!
born: Santa Monica is a coastal city in western Los Angeles County.
“on the good ship lollipop”:

shirley brie:

brie jigsaw puzzles:

brie fridge magnets:

SOLD (30″ X 40″ canvas print)


pregnant bobby-soxer & max

um hi


imagine you are a soccer mom, wearing sissy socks (lacy ruffles) with your ballerina flats, short skirt & top, while max hardcore


 bends you over and takes you from the rear. firstly, inserting his penis into your pussy, before his ultimate goal of penetrating your ass.
usually, max prefers his gals young and skinny. however, i remember one scene where some other guy was doing anal with a stocky (like me!) gal wearing bobby socks, saddle shoes,  and with her legs in the air, then max jumped in, continuing, by inserting his love pole into her pooper. annie anklets reminded me that the stocky girl with the saddle shoes and bobby socks was wearing glasses too! that’s right– i almost forgot!
if i were female, i might actually have a chance with max. i’ll wear sissy socks with flat shoes, and my hair will be in pigtails. i’ll get behind max, while probing his anus with my tongue, i’ll reach around with my arms, and with one hand i’ll lovingly caress his testicles, while the other strokes his penis (i have soft hands from working in an office with mostly women), then, later, with my legs in the air wearing my saddle shoes and bobby socks, he will have his way with me! 

max girl brie:


as promised pregnant bobby-soxing: 


her husband is a grouch! i wanted him to be on top sixty-nining, so as better to see his genitals while looking up submissively, and he got pissed off.






also, latina bobby-soxing her lover:


katie sissy soxing:


brie turquoise bobby socks:


here is the mystery photo:


who is she?

send me your guesses.

answer next month.

byeeeeeeeeeee for now