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“Donna Reed 


was born Donna Belle Mullenger on a farm near Denison, Iowa,  the eldest of five children.  After graduating from Denison High School, Reed planned to become a teacher, but was unable to pay for college. She decided to move to California to attend Los Angeles City College on the advice of her aunt. While attending college, she performed in various stage productions but had no plans to become an actress. After receiving several offers to screen test for studios, Reed eventually signed with MGM, but insisted on finishing her education first. Her career spanned more than 40 years, with performances in more than 40 films.  In 1953, she received the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her performance as Lorene Burke in the war drama From Here to Eternity.

Reed is probably most widely known for her work in television, notably as Donna Stone, a middle-class American mother and housewife in the sitcom The Donna Reed Show (1958–66), in which her character was more assertive than most other television mothers of the era. She received numerous Emmy Award nominations for this role and the Golden Globe Award for Best TV Star in 1963.

In 1941 after signing with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Reed made her film debut in The Get-Away opposite Robert Sterling; she was billed as Donna Adams. MGM soon changed her name to Donna Reed, as there was anti-German feeling during World War II. She starred in The Courtship of Andy Hardy and had a supporting role with Edward Arnold in Eyes in the Night (1942). In 1943, she appeared in The Human Comedy with Mickey Rooney, and in They Were Expendable in 1945.

Her “girl-next-door” good looks and warm onstage personality made her a popular pin-up for many GIs during World War II. She personally answered letters from many GIs serving overseas.

In 1945, Reed struggled with an English accent and with a passive, underwritten role as Gladys Hallward in the first cinema adaptation of the Oscar Wilde novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray.

Following the release of It’s a Wonderful Life, Reed appeared in Green Dolphin Street (1947) with Lana Turner and Van Heflin. In 1949 she expressed a desire for better roles.[7] Several years later, she performed in Scandal Sheet (1952).

In 1953, Reed played the role of Alma “Lorene” Burke, girlfriend of Montgomery Clift’s character, in the World War II drama From Here to Eternity. The role earned Reed an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for 1953.[8]

From 1958 to 1966, Reed starred in The Donna Reed Show, a television series produced by her then-husband, Tony Owen. The show featured her as Donna Stone, the wife of pediatrician Alex Stone (Carl Betz) and mother of Jeff (Paul Petersen) and Mary Stone (Shelley Fabares). The show ran for eight seasons on ABC. Reed won a Golden Globe Award and earned four Emmy Award nominations for her work on the series.”


“She [Donna Reed] was brought in and she wore a little tan skirt and white blouse and had a tie on and white socks and brownish brogues”

(“In Search of Donna Reed by Jay Fultz)


Red nylons:

pink nylons1






Years ago living somewhere along highway 101 in California between Frisco and LA, there was a drive-in movie which occasionally showed adult films, which were mostly soft core, though one time they showed some hard core with the penetration smudged out. Almost forgot to mention that the screen could be seen from the highway!
Usually, before the movie they would play such tunes on the speaker as “Mind Games” by John Lennon, while I was in my Vega listening, then during the movie a trip to  the snack bar. Sometime during the movie, I might sneak my hand on my private parts during the sex scenes– never got caught unlike Pee Wee Herman, who got busted in a Florida theater. You could get away with more in your own car as opposed to a public theater . Saw “Flesh Gordon” starring Hillary Summers


acting under another name.The house I was renting was next to an oil well, which looked like a giant grasshopper as someone put antenna on it. Also, the house was within easy walking distance to a Kmart–bigger than Walmart back then!
I do believe that Patty Hearst was driven down that highway on their way to the S.L.A. shootout in Los Angeles– though Patty missed the actual shootout.

Almost forgot to mention that there was a Pussycat movie theater showing X-rated movies in a nearby hick town, though I never went in there back then.



dog socks

and Tonya:



“Ruthie was putting on her stockings, fastening the tops to a garter belt. When he glanced at her she was stepping into her skirt, zipping it closed at the side.”
“She’d be something all right, in a black dress and high heels and stockings, instead of those green ankle socks and crepe-soled shoes.”


(“A Room in Paris” by Peggy Mann)


Michele flag girl!



Brie as Patty: