Stream of Consciousness

um hi


brie a cheerleader somewhere in Los Angeles county:


Speaking of 1970s retro nurses:




Attempt at stream of conscious writing:

Watching the old black & white Hoffman television, “Coast Federal Savings—Ninth and Hill.”

Les crane and the shotgun microphone!

Les:  “I was a fighter pilot in Korea.”

Someone from the audience: “Which side were you on Les?”

Les (seriously): “You want to come up here and say that?”

Purchased used car salesman Cal Worthington’s book “My dog spot” –“Go see Cal!”

Jingle on the radio: “The more you shop at Owl Drug Stores

the more money you save.”

Also, emanating from the juke box at the aformentioned Owl drug store on Sepulveda in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles:
“Standing on the corner
watching all the girls go by” –The Four Lads

Tom Duggan and Joe Dolan–lively debate.

At the Panorama theatre Comander Cody Sky Marshall of the Universe in the last serial “King of the Rocketmen” transpires.

As a kid in the T-bird driving around Reseda on a rainy day with Bobby Darin on the radio  –fingers snapping to “Mac the Knife” —  snap snap!

On 8 millimeter film playing tether ball in the backyard of the house in Arleta.

Soupy Sales as a sleazy dude living in a shack with a radio, even though he was on television. Soupy had a girl friend named “Peaches,” who was himself in drag!

“I love to get a pie in the face.”

La Crescenta outside in the dark wearing girlie clothes during a warm Santa Anna wind –this is when Zorro rides! At any moment the headlights of a car coming up the driveway could have spot-lighted me, but didn’t.

On the black & white television Buster Crabbe as Tarzan with a half nude pre code Jane in a scene, which looked like it was filmed during a Santa Anna wind!

Assigned reading:
“Up the City of Angels”
by Liza Williams


Kandi Barbour:


Rebecca Starr!


Swinger bobby-soxer:

a bobby-soxing wife:


& brie as Shirley: