Brie in Hollywood

Um hi

Peggy Sue

Addendum to “Brie in Hollywood” July 2011

The money came from working at Tony Ferra’s nightclub on the Sunset strip, getting it ready to open.
Took me years to figure out that Tony paid me not for the minimal work, but for the previously mentioned gag:
Me “I want a Tab (drink)”
Liquor store clerk “Hunter (actor)!?

When the nightclub opened “The Buckinghams” (one hit wonders) were signed as the house band.


Um hi


iloveyourass sez:

“i really like velma dinkley


it was very beautiful.”

I want photos of your clitors
it’s an order
my vanity
I’m your sir”



“We wanted them to look like typical bobby-soxers of the time, replete with pom-
poms, ribbons, saddle shoes, white socks, and short skirts.

We shot hours of 16mm and 8mm film of them.” (FULL SERVICE by Scotty Bowers)



” I love so many of your outfits! You look fantastic!”


dolly with doll


” This video is really hot! Wow! You look great on all fours like that”

******************************************** Alchemistsporn



“Sally Horner took her seat at the back next to a dectective assigned to guard her. She wore a blue suit, pink blouse, straw hat, and patent leather Mary Jane shoes.” (THE REAL LOLITA by Sarah Weinman)



um hi


3DComicSuperFan sez:

“Daddy’s favourite gurl… kiss”


“I’d love to see this outfit on you without the yellow sweater. Or is that all one piece?”

Brie:    Thanks ever so much!
Actually, its a separate long-sleeve turtleneck that goes underneath the shell for cold weather.

From one of my videos:


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Agness, Kansas, United States:


Bolder Colorado’s Martha Harris



Brie doing “The Patty Duke Show”

kirktrack: “now i’m horny”


Patty and me

From another blog

“When we criticize art, we are also criticizing the artist. When the artist is a self-portaitist like brielivingston that becomes doubly true. They’re putting themselves out there and it’s a very brave act.”

“brie (if I may be so informal) creates basically, two types of images. They’re alternately classic pin-up style photographs or photoshop collages where he is cut and pasted into scenes from pre-feminist womanhood. Sometimes these it will just be his face, arms and legs photoshopped onto women’s torsos.”

“But always with this same demure expression. It’s like the sphinx. Is he coyly flirtatious? Is he being blackmailed into this position and consequently embarrassed? I can not tell.”

“The idea of a crossdresser idealizing such an outmoded concept of womanhood is charming to me. Drag queens are probably our cultures most visible type of crossdresser, and they are presenting a cartoonish, fetishized exaggeration of womanhood. brielivingston is similarly presenting a cartoon (and I don’t just say that because he’s regularly dressed as Velma Dinkly) but a cartoon of a different stripe. Maybe it’s just because I aesthetically prefer 50’s pin-ups to contemporary pornography, but I think it would be nice if more drag queens went for this aesthetic.”

“Though, I suppose in all honesty, the aesthetic choices of drag queens doesn’t really concern me that much. Also, brielivingston is no shy violet.”

“And for that, brielivingston, you are a True Deviant.”

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