Hyacinth drift

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Wikipedia:     Cross Creek is a 1983 film starring Mary Steenburgen


as The Yearling author Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings. The film is directed by Martin Ritt and is based, in part, on Rawlings’ 1942 memoir, Cross Creek.

“Hyacinth Drift,” by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings first published in Scribner’s Magazine, September 1933.

Brie:     I love the idea of a female Huck Finn (Dess) taking a trip down a river as found in Hyacinth Drift! Perhaps its my imagination, but is Rawlings cryptically describing a lesbian affair!?
“Dess cranked the motor and they waved after us. Dess began to whistle, shrilly and tunelessly. She is an astonishing young woman. She was born and raised in rural Florida and guns and campfires and fishing-rods and creeks are corpuscular in her blood. She lives a sophisticate’s life around worldly people. At the slightest excuse she steps out of civilization, naked and relived, as I should step out of a soiled chemise. She is ten years my junior, but she calls me, with much tenderness, pitying my incapabilities, “Young un.”  


“I lay on my back in a torment of weariness, but there was no rest. I had never lain in so naked a place, bared so flatly to the sky. The moon swung high over us and there was no sleeping for the brightness. Toward morning dewdrops collected over the netting as though the moonlight had crystallized. I fell asleep under a diamond curtain and wakened with warm full sunlight on my face.


We had hot baths out of a bucket that night, and sat on the cabin steps in pajamas while the fire died down. Suddenly the soft night turned silver. The moon was rising. We lay on our cots a long time wakeful because of beauty.”

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Dess strapped around her waist the leather belt that held her bowie knife at one hip and her revolver at the other, and felt better prepared”


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