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Yesterday got back from work, ate spaghetti washed down with any suitable  red wine such as Chianti –they all pretty much taste the same to me, and after showering, I usually jump on  the computer. Pleased to see about a dozen emails. Must be from YouTube as one of my videos exploded in popularity

click on “linda” below to play:


a few weeks ago, while being the video of the now on encyclopedia  dramaticia.

About 10 comments on the video “cheer  brie,”

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and a new subscription, and (Oh! Oh!) a message from youtube!

The youtube message was not only negative but insulting.

So, I went to youtube to see which   cheerleader video was causing all the hubbub, only to find  that they had dropped the big one on me, by deleting my entire account!

Too bad as there are some people who would like to see the R rated versions of my videos,  and I also try to keep my blog R rated.

Anyway, for my admirers in China a snapshot from the recently banned “the dolls:”


Debbie aka mrs. 24/7:


Bunny Luv big time bobby-soxing:



Re: Interview for a project! can you help? 🙂

from =Brieana

to ~brielivingston

Alrighty! me and my partner had to come up with 5 questions each so there will be 10, but they shouldnt be too hard we think 🙂 thank you!

1.) What inspires you for your photos?

Anything that excites me such as retro glamour or fetish clothes: nylons, garter belts, high heel shoes, but i prefer the school teacher-librarian look as opposed to slutty. Penney (my webmaster at described my look as sassy-sexy. Also, i like a sissy little girl look, but am not a pedophile. I adore mary jane shoes, T-straps, sissy socks, etc. such as a teen or little girl might wear.

Would like to see more mature women dressing as little girls!

2.) Is your name really Brie or is it an artists name?

Brie is not really my name. Its inspired by a porno film called “The Budding of Brie” starring Hillary Summers.

3.) how many different outfits and wigs do you have?

I’ve had to throw away many outfits as i have no where to store them, but once i have photos and/or videos of me wearing them, its like i have them forever. . .

Wigs: Peggysue, Velma, curly glamour wig, and i had a wig that came with pig tails.

4.) What is your everyday life like? do you have a family?

I live with my mom like the great artist Andy Warhol.

Shacked up once with a gal just to see what it was like.

and like what do you do for a living?

Don’t want to say so as to protect my secret identity.

5.) Has anyone ever hated on your art?

For sure, but enough people love it to keep me going.

My first camera could only do photos, then my next camera could also do videos but no sound, my last camera does excellent photos, and produces nice one minute videos with sound. I also do some hack writing. I don’t draw.

if they did how did you feel and how do you deal with it?

I just ignore the galoots.

6.) Do you dress up in public or is this strictly an art thing?

I don’t go out in public fearing that i might get in trouble with the law–for example using the women’s bathroom!

7.) have you ever been featured in any galleries?

Yes, for example:

8.) How old are you?

There was  a Bettie Davis movie in which she looked 20 years younger than her actual age. At the end of the movie she was 40 years old, when her current boy friend became interested in her 20 year old daughter!

9.) Who takes your photos? is it a camera on a timer or do you work with someone?

Not telling. I don’t ever want anyone to be able to do what I’ve accomplished! Sure there are younger and cuter males out there, but they would have a really hard time doing what i have done. For example Elli Kasuga in Japan has the prettiest little girl outfits, and is the best at what “she” does, but i have more of a range.

10.) Me and my partner noticed you have almost the same facial expression in every photo, but different poses. Is this your signature look or was it just by coincidence?

At first i kept my eyes closed because of the flash from the camera. I tried smiling, but it looks more like a smirk.

I should have more shots of me from the side, but i have a bad habit of looking at the camera.

Thank you again, for your time, we are looking forward to your answers 🙂



more brie stamps approved!


& brie dancer:

silicone valley days

um hi

brie as Velma Dinkley

Silicon Valley Days (abridged) –the rise:


Took some electronic courses: Analog, and Digital to improve my skills. Being both skilled (Electronics), and educated (Mathematics), I thought I would never have trouble finding work, but found out differently later on. The system chews up people like sticks of gum, then spits them out!


Subsidiary of Xerox: started at the bottom as a technician –hired by Bobette



the super mommy!


Went out with two females, who are almost not worth mentioning:


Would take the first one out to Arby’s for dinner, then to the Moonlight drive-in, which cost 75 cents and would show a triple feature of movies that had already been on television, since this was before most people had video cassette recorders. Would pick her up in the 73 Vega with the 8 track player. Once woke up really late when the drive-was deserted,tired from working overtime, trying to get ahead. Getting up really early Saturday mornings to work 6 hours overtime, stopping at Stan’s donuts in Santa Clara –best donuts on the planet!


The other gal actually shacked-up with me– waste of time and effort. Would take her to porn flicks such as “Deep Throat” and “Devil  in Mrs Jones.” She left her husband and claimed to prefer women to men — I think money and convenience had more to do with her behavior. Got tired of her only after a few months. Once when she was drunk, she got on her knees…
I put on some women’s sneakers, and she called me Barbara, while we were doing it.


Mort: Black dude married to a white French woman, admired Patricia,


who unsuccessfully tried to hide her curves, and typically wore long pants with sneakers.


(Mort: Macintosh stereo with the vacuum tubes –too much distortion in the power transistors back then.)


The kid: Was 25 but looked 16. drove an old Corvair and had an extremely high opinion of himself!


Penny (not the webmaster of brietv!) blurted out “finochios” at the vending machine during the break, explaining to me that  was a famous place in Frisco, which had female impersonators, even though I had never talked to her before!


Overheard one of the gals talking about cheesecake –wearing knee socks for her husband, while making love.


Promoted to engineering tech, black dude periodically coming by to flirt with me!


At the Carl’s Junior waitress



wearing short pleated skirt caught with a boy’s hand in her panties, while kissing. She tried to make him stop, but her small fists pounding against him were ineffective!


(3333 Scott blvd)


Hired as a test engineer to write programs for testing printed circuit boards.


–Helen May !!!!



mysterious single mom with a wonderful personality, and fantastic body!


(discovered amazing falafel stand in North San Jose about this time!)


Canadian phone company: Was there about two years, and they paid good, otherwise nothing worth mentioning.

On Saturday evening going to Los Altos to pick up the Sunday LA Times, and something for dinner such as a Togo’s turkey and avocado sub.


8 mm projector:  Put on some stuff: High heel shoes from Zody’s, pink top from Fredrick’s of Hollywood, turquoise skirt, thigh hi nylons from Kmart! Fell in love with the girl in the mirror –me.


Company that will remain unnamed –the place to work in silicon valley like Google, but this was before the dot coms. Famous for their beer busts on Fridays.


Walking out of the men’s bathroom as some dude said “Whoa! I thought that was a chick!”


the fall:


Shit canned from company that will remain nameless:


Immediately, took the 81 Buick to Los Angeles to get the hell away from silicon valley!


On highway 101 had breakfast at Keefers in King city.

Around Pismo beach picking up the mighty six-ninety on the radio:

“Believe it or not, I’m walking on air.”

Later had lunch at Pea Soup Anderson’s in Buellton. Stayed two nights at a motel on Colorado Blvd in Glendale. After removing body hair, wore girlie harem pants consisting of something diaphanous with sexy shoes!


Next day had lunch at the original Tommy’s on Beverly and Rampart, then drove to west LA, and on to the San Fernando Valley to North Hollywood to buy some porn, most of which was thrown away later by me as it was no good–many places back then kept the magazines wrapped up in plastic, thereby, preventing you from perusing before buying–  el gypo.


Next day had to go back to Northern California to deal with things. Approaching Alviso noticed the street was blocked off as Alviso had just flooded, while I was away. Mobile home park was high and dry, permitting me to go home. (Alviso: Red Cross had free coffee and donuts!)


Cinema 150 theater in Santa Clara near Fry’s (back when they were just a super market — before Fry’s Electronics — had best poor boy sandwiches — just ask the kid!)


Rocky Horror picture show, wore girlie clothes –wolf whistles and catcalls from the low riders passing by.


Being groped



by someone in the theater–lovely!


At home watching Perry Mason, friend, who was also from Los Angeles, called and got me not only an interview but a job. Could only hire me temporary because of the current recession. Shit canned in about 6 months due to downsizing, then about a year after that, my friend was also unemployed, since the manufacturing went to the Puerto Rico, and Tawain plants!


Hired at a start up company as only an engineering technician (downward mobility!) to implement the designs, using software to input and debug creating the breadboards, (typing “save” as the roach coach (catering truck) would come blaring by, updates writing to the disk as I went out the door), which would later be put onto chips creating a microcomputer that was twice the Apple Macintosh at half the price — Steve Jobs from Apple came by to look at it. Given founding stock options, but not much to do once the product was developed. One day went to Palo Alto to pick up a mouse for a computer, and had quiche for lunch. So, asked to be laid off, thinking I could do better elsewhere.


While drawing unemployment, even took some programming courses: Fortran, Basic, and Pascal, trying to improve myself.


Anyway, shit train started and mostly continued on and off for another 7 years –like a curse!


During the ensuing months I would file a bankruptcy, lose the mobile home  and the Buick, while being forced to move in with my mother and sister, even with maximum amount on unemployment checks coming in!


Unknown butch dyke having her way with someone:


Really fantastic bobby-soxer!

She was in the video “Sock it to me” from Overtime, but I haven’t yet figured out her name.




Kerra Dawson:

Marilyn has got nothing on you!