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Mom at a Supper Club on Ventura Blvd in Studio City:

According to Mary Mallory:

“Studio City seemed to blossom into an entertainment-related town after the opening of the Mack Sennett Studios in 1928. Many of the businesses along Ventura Boulevard catered to performers or were owned by celebrities, especially restaurants and nightclubs.

At 11345 Ventura Blvd.,

a building appears to have operated continuously as a nightclub from at least the 1940s to the present day. During the 1940s, the business operated as Grace Hayes Lodge. It became Larry Potter’s Supper Club in the 1950s and hosted actor Lee Marvin speaking to four Young Democrat Clubs on Dec. 11, 1959 for the Sane Nuclear Policy movement

By the early 1960s, D.J. Bob Eubanks bought the facility and ran it as a club called the Cinnamon Cinder. It was here on Aug. 23, 1964, that the Beatles gave a secret press conference crashed by the club’s guests. Within a couple of years it operated under the name Magic Mushroom.”

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PRC and Bukowski

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“PRC offered compensation with a starring role in a new series of films that they were launching called The Gas House Kids, a takeoff of the Dead End Kids films.”

“In 1946, Jan Grippo, now a producer, signed Huntz and Leo Gorcey to a long-term contract and started a new series of films for Monogram Studios called The Bowery Boys, with Gorcey as the leader and Hall as his right-hand man. By the time 1958 had rolled around, 48 feature films had been made.”

Bowery Bombshell (Monogram, 1946) with Teala Loring:

Bowery to Bagdad (Allied Artists, 1955) with Joan Shawlee:

[Brie: The essential Bowery Boys films are the ones with both Huntz Hall and Leo Gorcey from 1946 to 1956, when Leo quit and moved to Northern California.]

(Hollywood’s Made-to-order-punks The Complete Film History of


Frilly socks, glasses, and a ponytail!

Debbie does school:


“There was one I had noticed, older than the others. Her teeth protruded perfectly–pushing the lips out like an open passionate flower. I wanted my mouth on that mouth. She wore a short skirt and her pantyhose revealed good legs

that kept crossing and uncrossing as she laughed and drank and tugged at her skirt which would just not stay down.”

“I disliked weekends. Everybody was out on the streets. Everybody was playing Ping-Pong or mowing their lawns or polishing their car or going to the supermarket or the beach or to the park. Crowds everywhere. Monday was my favorite day. Everybody was back on the job and out of sight. I decided to go to the racetrack [Hollywood Park] despite the crowd.”

“The only thing that helped was a young girl sitting across from us. She had a beautiful body, long good legs,and she wore a mini-skirt, with long stockings, a garter belt, and she had on pink panties

under the skirt. She even wore high heeled shoes.”

(Women by Charles Bukowski)


As good as this magazine looks, there was another issue that was even better.

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