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At long last! Proof of the existance of the Spike Jones Market on Foothill Blvd. in La Crescenta (Los Angeles county) for all you doubters out there!


Recently, drove with my father in the rented Buick Lucerne, with the satellite radio, down the coast highway from Malibu. Good to know the ocean is still there! Took Sunset through Soviet Monica, Brentwood, where the governator (Arnold Schwartzenegger) drives around in his Bentley, bel air, Beverly hills. On the sunset strip got behind some hotshot driving a Ferrari convertible for a few blocks. Went south on Fairfax, east on Beverly, where CBS is located, south on Rampart, east on sixth street, then through skid row — about two blocks of guys in sleeping bags, and winos wondering around, then took Alameda going north. Finally, arrived at Phillipe’s, which is always at or near the top of the best places to eat in LA–certainly the cheapest–coffee 9 cents — good coffee too!!!!!

Going back to Agoura hills, just jumped the 101 at Alameda, and beat the traffic!!!!!

Speaking of Jones, here is brie as fictional book character Junie B. Jones:


Here is a classic school girl look:

Her hair is basically a Patty Duke flip!



Here is the amazing Hillary Summers! (looks like she is pouting!)


brie goes to hollywood

um hi

Even though I lived in los Angeles county (La Crescenta –not far from the “Spike Jones market”), we were considered a bunch of rubes and corn-pones by the hipsters and hucksters of Hollywood!



Even more previously, back in high school I actually had some money, which was most unusual. So, early one Saturday morning I jumped on the bus to Glendale, then transferred to the Hollywood bus. I was looking to buy some coins!


Just after  I got off the bus in Hollywood,

a character looking very much like Oscar Levant the famous personality and piano player, was clutching a transistor radio to his ear and yelled out “Alexander’s Rag Time band!”


As it was too early for any coin stores (I assumed there would be at least one good one within walking distance from Hollywood & Vine) to be opened, I decided to go to the famous (in los Angeles anyway) Cherokee book store, where upstairs you could find Burt Blum the king of the comic books! It was early on Saturday morning and Burt seemed irritable, as if he knew I was only there to look and not to buy. So, I asked if he had any STI’s (Screen Thrills Illustrated). He responded that he had all the STI’s. I became excited and asked if I could see STI issue # 10,

which was not only the last issue, but the only one I had never seen as I had all the others myself. Burt said that it was locked in the cabinet with the good stuff, and he would only unlock the cabinet, if I wanted to buy it. So, disappointed I left. If I had been actor Billy Mumy (“Lost in Space”),  reported in the LA Times as being a customer of the Cherokee book shop, that cabinet would have come flying open!

(If I could have foretold the future, perhaps I would have picked up a collectable “Super Boy” comic in order to impress Ginger at the university some years in the future.)


Still kind of early for any coin stores to be open. So, I went into an old drug store, where, back then, it was common to have a sort of restaurant. This was before the current fast food industry almost completely took everything over. While eating a sweet roll, washed down with black coffee, I noticed that “Oscar” was in there talking to some gal, and that there was a display case containing coins! Since Oscar (or someone greatly resembling him—I was dying to ask, but I wasn’t a tourist, besides, he could easily deny his identity) was a well known hypochondriac, it actually made sense that he would own a drug store to save money on any medicine he would be taking. I inquired of Oscar about the coins.  The upshot of which was that I purchased a Mexican two peso gold coin.


A would-be night club singer, Bobby Duke, claiming to be Patty Duke’s

cousin at night outside my window, underneath a sheet tapping on the glass, and going “boooo!” He and his buddy (side kick?) were both adults, but acting like kids. Hard to imagine them tag teaming mom. They were only around for  about a month. Guess night club singers have to keep moving.


” You’re the most beautiful woman on XTube, especially your hair. You have the most beautiful hair.

Don’t go away. I’ll be back in a minute. “



lovely catwoman costume!


emy george milf


kate wearing her blue sneakers



sissy socks


unkown european bobby-soxer


um whatever shall i do with my pink maribou slippers?

oh! i know!

oh! dearest baby! you make mommy brie feel so good!