cowgirls & the destroyer

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Scene from video “Pinafore”


Junior high days:

Mom had just split from her second husband, and we were living in an el schlocko apartment just across the street from the junk store “Trash and Treasures.” I was watching wrestling from the Olympic auditorium announced by Dick “whoa Nellie!” Lane, who wrestled with Hub furniture (joke –some Hub furniture stores back then –one on Sepevulda in the valley).

It was cowboy Bob Ellis’ birthday, and they brought in a large birthday cake with several burning candles on it, while the auditorium sang happy birthday, then the destroyer (Freddie Blassie beneath that mask?) darted into the ring, and flung the birthday cake up in the air, proceeding to dry gulch the cowboy! I was bouncing up and down yelling about the destroyer, causing a neighbor to yell “To hell with the destroyer! I’m trying to sleep!”

The girl

above the swimming pool evidently had a crush on me. Flirting with me every chance she got, but she was rather too young for me, really.

Once she came to my door. I’m not sure what either one of us might have said, if anything. For kicks I liked to put on mom’s clothes,

and go into the empty apartment next door, exploding with ecstasy, because I wasn’t supposed to be there doing that thing!

Perhaps the most profitable day of my life, and I didn’t even know it, occurred when I went into the aforementioned Trash and Treasures store,”  noticing a shoe box full of baseball cards, and a retro girlie  magazine,

which I shoved underneath my shirt as I was too young to purchase something like that. It was in a stack of magazines, and I’m thinking they didn’t even know it was there. So, I bought the shoebox full of baseball cards for a buck!

It contained Brooklyn Dodgers, and New York Giants cards before the teams moved to the west coast, among others. I am sure there was a Jackie Robinson in there. These would be in addition to the cards I already possessed: Mickey Mantle, Rodger Maris, Don Drysdale, Sandy “no hit” Koufax, etc.

I SHOULD HAVE HELD ONTO THE CARDS, keeping them in the safe deposit box in west Los Angeles, and selling them just before the economy started to tank–I could have retired!

Instead I got rid of the baseball (I have always been terrible at sports!) cards, thinking that the comic books (my first issue of spider man– not in the best condition, and recently during the Great Recession– just sold for $4K on “Pawn Stars”), and coins were the way to go, but when the economy tanked in the early 1980’s I sold them for peanuts.

Speaking of junior high, Linda

(“no tears, no fears, no ruined years, no clocks”—JIM) now sneering at me, whereas she used to flirt with me.


What was going on at Melody Ranch?

Gene Autry and the boys liked to take 25 year old women, and have them play 16 year old teenagers, while dressing them as 12 year old girls!!!!!

For instance in one movie Patsy Montana

portrayed a girl on her sixteenth birthday. So the cowboys each got to spank her 16 times!

Other times precious Mary Lee

was also required to dress as a 12 year old, while toting a doll!!!

However, both of these gals could sing beautifully in duets with Gene.


cowgirl brie


cowgirl Trisha:


Catalina Cruz bobby-soxing with saddle shoes!