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My feet are a nice size. I take a womans’ size 8 ½ sandal or a size 9 pump. I was in a “payless” shoe store  in the Glendale (California) galleria saying that “payless has the most shoe for the least money,” while a nice looking women, looking at the size 12 gunboats scowled at me!

Whereas my hands are not small, though my ring and index fingers are of equal length – just like a woman!!! (my  finger ratios suggest a low exposure to testosterone, while in the womb as explained by a recent article in usatoday, and a program that was just on the BBC the other day. There seems to be lots of confusion on this topic, but I believe a careful reading of the excellent usatoday article explains all.

This perhaps explains: why I never did any graduate work in math, why my chess game, though good at times, never really improves, my never having accomplished the playing of a musical instrument – even though i have a great appreciation for music, my not being athletic, and , indeed my sexuality!


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