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Here is the Movie Star News building in NYC, where Bettie Page posed for pictures and made videos upstairs:


The business was run by Irving  Klaw and his sister Paula. They sold photos of Hollywood movie stars in addition to the glamour photos and videos.

I don’t know much about female impersonator Vickie Lynn



, but “she” must have been the top female impersonator in NY during the 1950’s, since “she” starred in the film “Teaserama” with queen of curves Bettie Page:

Thanks ever so much Bettie.


Actress wearing saddle shoes while getting Maxed:


Saddle Shoes brie:


Answer to last month’s mystery photo is Hillary Summers:


I’m not really a mystical person, but back in 1986, I would  obtain my unemployment check, then I would celebrate by going to a porno theatre — in Santa Clara not far from San Jose (I never bought a VCR until about 1990), after parking the 74 Dodge Dart about one block from the Rosicrucian Egyptian museum, thereupon I saw “The Budding of Brie” starring Hillary Summers on the big screen as it was originally intended. Afterword I would eat across from the Winchester Mystery House at either the Greek or the Iranian restaurant.

Oh! Mr. Riccoco!


“go ahead and spill your seed inside of me!  “I’m not afraid!”

Ingenue brie:


brie as Velma Dinkley doing it:


Here is an unknown amateur who looks like a stocky (like me!) Patty Duke:


and here is another unknown amateur doing the Shirley Temple look, complete with curly hair and socks:


PATTY  DUKE:   from New York, appeared in the play “The Miracle Worker”, and later in the movie!
At the time the youngest person to have a TV show named for her. Last year of TV show moved to Los Angeles.
At her best in the amazing movie: “Valley  of the Dolls”!
Had an affair with Desi Arnez Junior!!!!!!
Finally, ending up in Idaho married to a solider, whom she  met while filming a movie about a single mom joining the Army — I’ve never seen this movie anywhere, but it sounds wonderful as she met her present husband, while making it.

Patty brie:

SHIRLEY TEMPLE:   Best child actress of film ever!
Born: Santa Monica is a coastal city in western Los Angeles County.
“On the good ship lollipop:”

Shirley brie:

brie jigsaw puzzles:

brie fridge magnets:

SOLD (30″ X 40″ canvas print)



Brie as Patty Duke:

patty duke