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Dorry (a few years older than myself) came from the East for a two week visit during the mythical summer.
Crowded at her relatives so mom said she could stay at our house in La crescenta (Los Angeles County). Dorry and I used to argue about politics. She would quote
from Walter Lippmann, while I preferred Dan Smoot.
One day when she was not home I spotted her white flats and pretty panties. So I squeezed into her flats and panties to walk around the back of the house, while wearing them.
Perhaps she figured out I had worn her shoes as they were stretched out about a half size bigger, and probably figured out somehow that I wore her panties too!
About the next day in the morning she was on the floor in the living room with her dress down and legs up in the air with her shoes on exposing her panties, and saying that she needed help with her exercises.
Frightened, thinking why am I always afraid of desirable females? Reluctantly, I moved over to help her. She put her feet on either side of my neck, then grabbing my hand she pushed it into her panties, inserting a finger into there, and moving it in and out until I got the idea. This is perhaps what Cathy in San Clemente wanted a couple of years ago?
The rest of her visit we were rather close. Staying up late together at night watching such programs as “Les Crane” –with the “shotgun” microphone!

One day we took a bus to Glendale. Just sitting next to her was rather pleasant and, later, in the theater, we kissed while my hand found its way under her lovely dress, but soon she left to go back home.

Whereas, since Dorry looking like the quintessential Max Hardcore girl

(usually slender with small boobs but extremely cute), was dressed almost perfectly including the school girl glasses, and needing only the frilly bobby socks, which Max’s crew would soon have provided, while also giving her a douche whether she needed it or not!
Typically, Max would get her legs up in the air, while shoving the girly panties aside, but not removing them. Using a lubricant such as baby oil on his fingers, he would start with her baby hole, inserting more and more fingers until he had 4 of them in there to make her feel good. Next he would penetrate her pooper with at first one and then two fingers, telling her how cute she looked.
Finally, she would be required to sit on his lap with her dress up past her small boobs, panties askew, and Max’s love pole sliding in and out of her pooper with her flat shoes on the top of Max’s legs.

This is perhaps what Joan with the enormous wedding ring wanted many years later?

Your life is not complete unless you get nasty!

After the divorce

Mom at a Supper Club on Ventura Blvd in Studio City:

According to Mary Mallory:

“Studio City seemed to blossom into an entertainment-related town after the opening of the Mack Sennett Studios in 1928. Many of the businesses along Ventura Boulevard catered to performers or were owned by celebrities, especially restaurants and nightclubs.

At 11345 Ventura Blvd.,

a building appears to have operated continuously as a nightclub from at least the 1940s to the present day. During the 1940s, the business operated as Grace Hayes Lodge. It became Larry Potter’s Supper Club in the 1950s and hosted actor Lee Marvin speaking to four Young Democrat Clubs on Dec. 11, 1959 for the Sane Nuclear Policy movement

By the early 1960s, D.J. Bob Eubanks bought the facility and ran it as a club called the Cinnamon Cinder. It was here on Aug. 23, 1964, that the Beatles gave a secret press conference crashed by the club’s guests. Within a couple of years it operated under the name Magic Mushroom.”

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from Wikipedia:

Gracie Allen


(July 26, 1895 – August 27, 1964), was an American comedienne who became internationally famous as the zany partner and comic foil of husband George Burns. For contributions to the television industry, Gracie Allen was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6672 Hollywood Boulevard. She and George Burns are also both members of the Television Hall of Fame, having earned joint induction in 1988.

 Gracie Allen was born in San Francisco, California.

She soon began performing Irish folk dances with her three sisters, who were billed as “The Four Colleens.” In 1909 Allen joined her sister, Bessie, as a vaudeville performer. At a performance in 1922 Allen met George Burns and the two formed a comedy act. The two were married on January 7, 1926, in Cleveland, Ohio.

Gracie Allen was born with heterochromia, giving her two different color eyes; one blue and one green.
Birth date mystery

Depending on the source, Gracie Allen is alleged to have been born on July 26 in 1895, 1896, 1902 or 1906. All public records held by the City and County of San Francisco were destroyed in the earthquake and great fire of April 1906.
Among Allen’s signature jokes was a dialogue in which Allen would claim that she was born in 1906, her foil would press her for proof or corroborating information; she would say that her birth certificate had been destroyed in the earthquake, her foil would point out that she was born in July but the earthquake was three months earlier in April, and Allen would simply smile and reply “Well, it was an awfully big earthquake.”

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“Gracie: A Love Story” by George Burns


Burlesque Queen Blaze Starr


with nylons rolled!

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22 year old porn actress Rebecca Starr:





Debbie the MILF ready for the promotion panel!


Debbie sez “You’ll have to answer for that!”

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Sarah Young as a MILF wearing pink tennis shoes:


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