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Brie as Peggy Olson from “Mad-men”.



Sheila Kuehl (Sheila James)

working on the Dobie Gillis show, while attending the University. The sorority found some Lesbian love letters of hers. She was confronted and removed her sorority pin, then cried on the way home–this was the sixties. After Dobie Gillis she was in Broadside,


which only lasted for about a year.
Diminishing work forced her to sell her Malibu home.
Shelia skipped two grades before going to the University. She was the little gal with the big brain just like in Dobie Gillis. So, she went to Harvard Law, and became an attorney back in Los Angeles, then entered politics, going to the California state legislature.
Before Dobie Gillis she was in another television show, which I haven’t seen. She also appeared variously here and there.
Such an interesting life. If I had better writing skills, I would want to write a screen play about her!

(See Wikipedia and IMDB for more information)

Recommended reading: The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis
by Max Shulman


The great Kathy Jones


wearing saddle shoes with bobby socks!

& Kandi Barbour wearing saddle shoes:



Girls! This is how you dress for your black lover:



usa freedom kid

& Brie



“She [Doreen]


touched his knees with hers — she was wearing a plaid cotton shirtwaist dress” (Trailerpark” by Russell Banks)


Brie as Patty:



Allison & Constance

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“Peyton Place is a 1956 novel by Grace Metalious. The novel describes how three women are forced to come to terms with their identity, both as women and as sexual beings, in a small, conservative, gossipy New England town, with recurring themes of hypocrisy, social inequities and class privilege in a tale that includes incest, abortion, adultery, lust and murder. It sold 60,000 copies within the first ten days of its release and remained on the New York Times best seller list for 59 weeks. The novel spawned a franchise that would eventually run through four decades. Twentieth Century-Fox adapted it as a major motion picture in 1957, and Metalious wrote a follow-up novel that was published in 1959, called Return to Peyton Place, which was also filmed in 1961 using the same title. The original 1956 novel was adapted again in 1964, in what became a wildly successful prime time television series for 20th Century Fox Television that ran until 1969, and the term “Peyton Place” – an allusion to any small town or group that holds scandalous secrets – entered into the American lexicon.
The story starts in 1937 and continues through the years following World War II. While never mentioned explicitly by name, the novel does make several references that suggest Peyton Place is located within the state of New Hampshire: Vermont can be seen from across the Connecticut River.

The fictional Peyton Place also appears to be a composite of several real New Hampshire towns: Metalious’ hometown of Gilmanton, as well as Gilford, Laconia, Manchester and Plymouth, where at least some of the work was written at the Plymouth Inn on Main Street (the inn has since been torn down).

The main plot follows the lives of three women: lonely and repressed Constance MacKenzie;


her illegitimate daughter Allison;


and her employee Selena Cross,


a girl from across the tracks, or “from the shacks.” Several characters and events were drawn from events in nearby towns and people Metalious actually knew. Selena Cross was based on Barbara Roberts, a 16-year-old girl from the village of Gilmanton Ironworks, who murdered her father Sylvester after years of sexual abuse and buried his body under a sheep pen. In the novel, Selena kills her stepfather, since incest was considered too taboo for readers at the time. Metalious’ editor Kitty Messner made the change, much to the author’s dismay and disapproval.

Constance leaves Peyton Place for New York City at a young age and meets a man in the publishing business named Allison MacKenzie, who is already married with children. Constance becomes pregnant with Allison’s child, but Allison dies a few years after his daughter -also named Allison – is born. Both Constance and her daughter adopt Allison’s last name before the two return to Peyton Place as a “widow” and child, and Constance alters her daughter’s birth date to make her appear legitimate.

In Peyton Place, Nellie marries Lucas Cross shortly after their daughter Selena’s birth, although Selena is not Lucas’ child. Paul, Lucas’s son and Selena’s stepbrother, left Peyton Place after he accused Lucas of stealing his money. Nellie and Lucas later had a child together—Joey—who lives with the couple and Selena in “the shacks,” a poor section of town. When Selena turned 14 years old, Lucas began to abuse her, impregnating her and leaving the local doctor in a troublesome situation in which he decided to perform an abortion. The doctor made Lucas leave town, and after she discovered this, Nellie committed suicide by hanging. Leslie Harrington, the richest man in town, was shattered when he lost his only son, Rodney, in a car accident.”

From Peyton Place by Grace Metalious:

“Allison laughed and laughed as she made her way out of the fun house [at the carnival]. She  shrieked with laughter when the wind machine blew her skirts up over her head.”  



“Your [Constance] legs are absolutely wanton, do you know it?”
“Am I good for you, darling?”

“The girl [Selena] was wearing a dress of lavender linen, and a pair of sheer stockings. Her shoes were new. Look at that girl! Earrings in court! She is the type who will cross her legs and hoist her skirts when she gets on the stand.”


Someone’s mom at the beach:

more momfuck



Wearing flats in the bathroom:


Hillary Summers & Kandi Barbour:

hillary summers kandi barbour


Brie as Patty:



Lady Bugs and Harem Brie

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Here is the best Velma




Age:29 years old


Languages:English, Spanish, French



from Wikipedia:

Ladybugs is a sports-comedy family film released in 1992 starring Rodney Dangerfield and directed by Sidney J. Furie.

Dangerfield plays a businessman who takes over a girls soccer team which the company he works for sponsors. The film also stars Jackée Harry as his assistant coach, Ilene Graff as his girlfriend, Jonathan Brandis as his girlfriend’s son (and soon to be star of the team) and Vinessa Shaw as the boss’s daughter and Matthew’s love interest.

Then Los Angeles Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda has a cameo, as do Blake Clark and longtime Dangerfield friend Chuck McCann.
Chester Lee (Rodney Dangerfield) is desperate for a promotion at work. To impress his boss, he claims to have been a good soccer player in his youth and is badgered into coaching a girls’ team called the Ladybugs. Dragging his assistant Julie (Jackée Harry) along as assistant coach, Chester figures the gig easy as the Ladybugs, sponsored by his company, are a dynasty. Unfortunately, only one player has returned. The team, which includes the boss’s daughter, Kimberly (Vinessa Shaw), are clueless, make a dreadful start to the season and the boss is less than impressed.

In his personal life, Chester is engaged to Bess (Ilene Graff), who has a son, Matthew (Jonathan Brandis), from a previous marriage. Matthew just happens to be a great athlete, but poor grades get him kicked off the soccer team. Chester invites Matthew to watch the Ladybugs practice and to get some tips. Matthew has a crush on Kimberly from school and it is partly due to this that Chester persuades him to dress like a girl and play for the team under the name Martha.



Bobby-soxing butch dyke:

dildo dyke


Brie bobby-soxing:



Brie Harem video Popular in India, with over 8 million views worldwide:

Harem Avi


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Kandi  Barbour:

Kandi Barbour

& Penny:



“mature asses:”

mature asses


Brie watching Shirley and Patty:




Stream of Consciousness

um hi


brie a cheerleader somewhere in Los Angeles county:


Speaking of 1970s retro nurses:




Attempt at stream of conscious writing:

Watching the old black & white Hoffman television, “Coast Federal Savings—Ninth and Hill.”

Les crane and the shotgun microphone!

Les:  “I was a fighter pilot in Korea.”

Someone from the audience: “Which side were you on Les?”

Les (seriously): “You want to come up here and say that?”

Purchased used car salesman Cal Worthington’s book “My dog spot” –“Go see Cal!”

Jingle on the radio: “The more you shop at Owl Drug Stores

the more money you save.”

Also, emanating from the juke box at the aformentioned Owl drug store on Sepulveda in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles:
“Standing on the corner
watching all the girls go by” –The Four Lads

Tom Duggan and Joe Dolan–lively debate.

At the Panorama theatre Comander Cody Sky Marshall of the Universe in the last serial “King of the Rocketmen” transpires.

As a kid in the T-bird driving around Reseda on a rainy day with Bobby Darin on the radio  –fingers snapping to “Mac the Knife” —  snap snap!

On 8 millimeter film playing tether ball in the backyard of the house in Arleta.

Soupy Sales as a sleazy dude living in a shack with a radio, even though he was on television. Soupy had a girl friend named “Peaches,” who was himself in drag!

“I love to get a pie in the face.”

La Crescenta outside in the dark wearing girlie clothes during a warm Santa Anna wind –this is when Zorro rides! At any moment the headlights of a car coming up the driveway could have spot-lighted me, but didn’t.

On the black & white television Buster Crabbe as Tarzan with a half nude pre code Jane in a scene, which looked like it was filmed during a Santa Anna wind!

Assigned reading:
“Up the City of Angels”
by Liza Williams


Kandi Barbour:


Rebecca Starr!


Swinger bobby-soxer:

a bobby-soxing wife:


& brie as Shirley:

New Year’s in Tujunga

um hi

brie wearing a poodle skirt with sissy socks such as found in this rare video:


New Year’s in Tujunga

I was just 21 years old during my senior year in college, and it
was the early eve of New Year’s in Tujunga (Los Angeles county).
Larry (my cousin’s boy friend) suggested we stop at a dive bar for a beer, since it was legal for me to do so.I had longish hair back then, and as I was stuffing the pockets, of my JC Penny pressed corduroy big-buttoned coat, with the free peanuts still in the shells from the huge barrel, some inebriated old dude (“you do like older men?”) came up

to me declaring loudly “I love you!”, while tugging on my arm. So,

coyly I just sort of looked startled, but to this day I appreciate how wonderful he made me feel!

Previously, at the university the maid said I had the prettiest

hair (brown with a reddish tint, and

a natural flip) she had ever seen. Someone else sometimes used to call me “Miss Clairol.”

More previously, watching “the Joe Pyne show with Ozzie

Whiffletree” , which was on Metromedia television in only about half the cities, Ozzie says”my paintings are not


and more previously,

At another time watching Mort Sahl also on Metromedia, Mort was talking about a book that von Braun (famous rocket scientist) had written entitled “I aim at the moon”, then Mort explained: “but he missed, and hit London.”


At the checkout stand in the super market, “I suppose you are going to wear that!” referring to a hair ornament of the sort that might have been worn by Patty  Duke, said by either a very perceptive female, or more likely just a wise-ass chick.



“Nadya Denise Doud-Suleman (born Natalie Denise Suleman; July 11, 1975), known as Octomom

in the media, is an American woman who came to international attention when she gave birth to octuplets
in January 2009. The Suleman octuplets are only the second full set of octuplets to be born alive in the United States. One week after their birth, they surpassed the previous worldwide survival rate for a complete set of octuplets set by the Chukwu octuplets in 1998. The circumstances of their high order multiple birth have led to controversy in the field of assisted reproductive technology as well as an investigation by the Medical Board of California of the fertility specialist involved. Public reaction turned negative when it was discovered that the single mother already had six other young children and was unemployed and on public assistance programs. She denies ever having used public assistance. She conceived the octuplets and her six older children via in vitro fertilization (IVF).”

Pregnant woman who looks like the octomommy:


from the octomom video, Vannah Sterling as the octomom:


girls like Patty Duke

& Shirley Temple

wearing flat shoes such as Mary Janes and T-straps get noticed.*******************

Kandi Barbour wearing a tennis outfit:

& brie too!


Melody Love wearing saddle shoes:

& brie:

janet Mason (PTA soccer mom!) goes glamorous:

Cybill & June

um hi

Brie wearing a woman’s army uniform from the Army-Navy surplus store on Van Nuys Blvd.


“The Last Picture Show is a 1971 American drama film directed by Peter Bogdanovich, adapted from a semi-autobiographical 1966 novel of the same name by Larry McMurtry [genius!].”

from another blog:
“The Movie: Set in the ’50s desolation of Anarene, Texas, Peter Bogdanovich’s 1971 coming-of-age film The Last Picture Show stars Cybill Shepherd as Jacey, a manipulative teenager from an oil wealthy family. Clad in plaid, she’s the prettiest girl around, shallow, bitchy, a little slutty and terminally bored with her small town life.

The Style: Jacy wears pleated shorts, knotted shirts, ankle socks, saddle shoes

and listens to Hank Williams while making out in cars, movie theaters, seedy hotel rooms, and is eventually seduced by her bitter mother’s lover atop the local pool table. Batting her eyelashes in a cute gingham frock and attending a mid-winter pool party with the fast, rich crowd, Jacy attempts an awkward, giggling striptease on a diving board. While exposing beige stockings, garters and some serious white underwear, Jacy succeeds in making granny-pants sexy with her impulsive, paradoxical style”.

Also, Cloris Leachman as  as 40 year old Ruth Popper,

who prefers lovers half her age!


***June Alyson bobby-soxer***

“Too Young to Kiss is a 1951 comedy film directed by Robert Z. Leonard and starring June Allyson. It was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Art Direction.”

June Allyson portrays a 22 year old pianist, who assumes the identity of a 14 years old girl prodigy in order to get noticed, complete with bobby socks, Mary Jane shoes, and pigtails!

Note:     June Allyson’s used clothes at the consignment store fit mom perfectly!

Also, don’t miss “The Major and the Minor” where 30 year old Ginger Rodgers poses as a 12  year old girl!

Gale Storm was in a similar movie.

Both of these movies have been reviewed previously in this blog.


Sarah Singer bobby-soxer:


& Brie too:


Kandi Barbour as Lois Lane:

Brie as Lois:


Mommy Elaine with her lover concerned with the “here and now:”


Granny Caroline on a date:


brie dancer

um hi

brie the bobby-soxer-swing dancing jitterbugger:

from the video dancing:


Darla Hood

(November 4, 1931 – June 13, 1979) was an American child actress, best known as the leading lady in the Our Gang series from 1935 to 1941. She was born in Leedey, Oklahoma, the only child of James Claude Hood and Elizabeth Davner. Her father worked in a bank and her mother was a music teacher.
Hood’s mother introduced her to singing and dancing at an early age, taking her to lessons in Oklahoma City. Just after her third birthday, she was taken to New York City, where she was seen by Joe Rivkin, a casting director for Hal Roach Studios, who arranged a screen test. She was then taken to Culver City, California, to appear in the Our Gang movies.

Hood played Darla in Our Gang. She made her debut at age four in the 1935 film Our Gang Follies of 1936 and was soon given a role in The Bohemian Girl with Laurel and Hardy. From 1935 to 1941, she continued to play in Our Gang. She is well remembered for her coquettish character, typically the love interest of Alfalfa, Butch, or (usually) Waldo. One of her most memorable moments was singing “I’m in the Mood for Love” in The Pinch Singer.
When she outgrew her role in Our Gang, Hood appeared in a couple of other movies and attended school in Los Angeles. While at Fairfax High School, she organized a vocal group

Hood then went out on her own with singing engagements in nightclubs and guest appearances on TV. She was a regular on The Ken Murray Show from 1950 to 1951. In 1955, she was a leading lady in the act of ventriloquist Edgar Bergen.

in her final film role, which was also her first adult role in a movie. She played a secretary in the suspense drama The Bat with Vincent Price and Agnes Moorehead.

Hood was a guest on such TV shows of the early 1960s as Tell It to Groucho and The Jack Benny Show, where she appeared on 30 October 1962 as “Darla” in a spoof of the Our Gang comedies with Jack Benny (who appeared as Alfalfa).

She appeared in her own nightclub act at the Coconut Grove in Los Angeles, the Copacabana in New York, and the Sahara Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.Hood was busy organizing the 1980 Little Rascals reunion for the Los Angeles Chapter of The Sons of the Desert when she underwent a relatively minor operation at a North Hollywood hospital. Following the procedure, Hood contracted acute hepatitis and died suddenly of heart failure on June 13, 1979. The circumstances of her untimely passing remain unknown and somewhat mysterious. Hood was 47.

The Our Gang community was stunned at Hood’s unexpected passing. Fellow Our Gang member Billie “Buckwheat” Thomas said, “I hate to hear it. It’s a shock. She was an awfully nice person, a fine woman. We got along real good as kids.”. A little over a year later, Thomas died as well.

Darla Hood is interred at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Hollywood.


school teachers michele and ginger *


brie as michele:


brie as ginger:

* any resemblance with persons living or dead is purely coincidental.


“Welcome to the Dollhouse”

(Terri Dolan, Kandi Barbour, Cassie Wells, and brie)

is a 1995 American coming of age black comedy. An independent film, it launched the career Heather Matarazzo.


last month’s mystery photo was mrs. 24/7:

next month’s mystery photo:


unknown amateur showing the pros how its done:


brie doing it while wearing mary jane shoes!


um hi

brie as velma dinkley:

speaking of pregnant velmas,

here is a doc icenogle drawing of velma:





last month’s mystery photo is kandi barbour.

here she is looking very much like marie osmond:

kandi was in the movie:

Riding in a school bus, while singing a beatles song – I forget which one– hugh hefner and the beatles set forces in motion, resulting in porn going from the underground to becoming a major industry by the seventies.

Incidentally, there was a magazine in which kandi barbour had her hair a certain way, thereby, looking very much like Marie  Osmond.

The early seventies: While the Jacksons were in Encino, the Osmonds’, who were primarily located outside cal, did have a house in LA on Osborne and nordoff  on the way to the panorama theatre in panorama city!

next month’s mystery photo:



“Oh! Bill!”