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Sissy Brie:


From out of the past “RAVAGED!”:

OLY beer really big on the west coast back then.



55 year old Janet Mason:


Sex with Debbie:



Isceljenekb: ” fucking hot!”

Brie as Patty


“Wow! You have such a strong aesthetic and sense of style and your videos really create a sense of an entire world which is so rare in most porn. And of course this is very hot! Xxx”

frilly sissy


The female of the 20th century is

Shirley Temple!


Bike tour with 71 years old bobby-soxing mom:

Magna, Cathy A., or Michele B.?




with her nylons rolled down

like me!


garterbelt nylons

Corliss Archer

um hi

um hi


“Having darned and put away the last pair of bobby socks, Corliss went downstairs”


[and later]

Within the last few months she had been promoted from bobby socks to stockings”

corliss archer

The father in this story was an Attorney. Apparently, the Archers were a prosperous family, and extrapolating backward, the great depression was merely a speed bump for them.

Meet Corliss Archer” was first published in 1942, when the outcome of the war was still uncertain.
My copy was published in 1944, and according to what was written inside by a previous owner, was presented as a gift on Dec 1945, with Europe and Asia in rubble, people in the USA must have felt rather smug back then, whereas since 1968 we have been gradually declining ever since. (Actually, you could argue that 1968 was a point of inflection, and the actual decline began around 1977.)


Cameras both still and motion loved Shirley Temple


like no one else! Shirley portrayed Corliss Archer in the movies.


Big-time bobby-soxing:

bobby socks

 & Ginger:



High School teacher,


who lived in the Silver Lake district of Los Angeles.


Janet Mason (PTA soccer mom!) wearing a garter belt:

Janet Mason & DFW Knight

& Rebecca Starr:



The amazing movie “Soldier in the Rain” with Steve McQueen and Jackie Gleason, along with Tuesday Weld and Tom Poston (Don’t confuse with Orson Bean!), had a scene where McQueen took polaroid pictures of a soldier in drag,


trying to win a pin up photo contest!

“Root a toot toot.”



Sometimes he would require mature women

sissy socks pink ballerina flats

to dress like little girls, before ravaging them!




The mythical summer

(The analog days before personal computers and the internet)

um hi

I was living at the twin palms (actually had two palm trees in front) apartment on Hazletine ave in Van Nuys (Los Angeles). Had a temporary summer job, before my senior year at the university –no summer quarters back then, at a hinge factory, also in Van Nuys. The job consisted of taking the two parts of the hinge, putting them together, placing a pin in each end, and pounding the whole device together with a hammer all at once, then throwing the completed hinge into a box, repeating the entire process until either a scheduled break, lunch, or quitting time. Not too bad of a job because you got to sit at a table, while doing this. They hired a character, who said he was dishonorably discharged from the Navy for slugging an officer–something like that. Anyway this character claimed to be making “skin  flicks” (porno films) for his real job. One day an attractive female walked by, and he told us in obscene detail what he would like to do to her, and flirted with her every time she passed by the table. He didn’t last very long. I think he was fired for drinking booze out in the parking lot during lunch. Don’t know if he ever became famous in the porn industry. In the early days many of the porno stars came from New York to work in Los Angeles.

Back then what they were doing was technically illegal. So very often they liked to film in either Frisco, or Marin county to prevent the LAPD  vice squad from barging in on them.

During that summer I went with my cousin and her boyfriend to Oregon.

We were supposed to stay two weeks, but my cousin’s boyfriend got restless and was allergic to the cats.

So, we went back to LA after only a few days. Really, enjoyed myself in Oregon. The people we were staying with had moved up there from Los Angeles, and were living on welfare. They would get “commodities” such as cheese and beans. This was before Oregon went to food stamps.

Bertrand Russell’s “In Praise of Idleness” comes to mind.

Oh! One day at the temporary employment agency on Van Nuys blvd, they gave me 10 dollars to go across the street to the Bob’s Big Boy restaurant to buy donuts for the guys.

At Bob’s I purchased the donuts, and the waitress gave change for a 20 instead of for a 10.

So, I made 10 buck$ that day and had some donuts–one of my better days!

At the apartment, upstairs lived an older couple. Marge

was at least 50 years old.

Sometimes I could hear them making love. As they were doing it, Marge would sing. How very lovely, and it really turned me on, while i was wearing girlie clothes (some women’s sneakers from the Thrifty drug store, plus some stuff I had swiped from either my cousin or mom) getting off.

That summer Ginger

from the university sent me a letter. I wrote her back telling her that she should visit, and we could use the swimming pool, but she lived in San Pedro, and had the entire Pacific ocean. Don’t think she kept the letter as I am just a hack writer. She did get me to read Betty Freidan’s “Feminine Mystique”, and was trying to fix me up with her roommate — the old story. Ginger, though no great beauty like Michele (recently realized that Michele greatly resembled porn actress Hillary Summers!), but was exceedingly cute, and liked to wear tennis shoes with a skirt –no socks.

During Christmas break of our senior year, this friend of mine was giving me a ride from the dorm back to La Crescenta in his Corvair, with the 8 track player (he liked Johnny Cash –lots of hillbillies in Los Angeles, especially back then), found out that I had recently turned 21, and suggested we stop at this nude bar in Van Nuys. So, we each had a beer, while the woman on the stage  was dancing. She wasn’t entirely nude as she wore some high heels. She kept getting in the  way of the 8 millimeter stag (porno) films that were being shown, while another patron was eating a hamburger for lunch adjacent to the stage, nearly under the almost nude dancing woman.


20 year old porn actress Vanilla Simms showing how its done:


christine woods wearing saddle shoes:


brie dancer

um hi

brie the bobby-soxer-swing dancing jitterbugger:

from the video dancing:


Darla Hood

(November 4, 1931 – June 13, 1979) was an American child actress, best known as the leading lady in the Our Gang series from 1935 to 1941. She was born in Leedey, Oklahoma, the only child of James Claude Hood and Elizabeth Davner. Her father worked in a bank and her mother was a music teacher.
Hood’s mother introduced her to singing and dancing at an early age, taking her to lessons in Oklahoma City. Just after her third birthday, she was taken to New York City, where she was seen by Joe Rivkin, a casting director for Hal Roach Studios, who arranged a screen test. She was then taken to Culver City, California, to appear in the Our Gang movies.

Hood played Darla in Our Gang. She made her debut at age four in the 1935 film Our Gang Follies of 1936 and was soon given a role in The Bohemian Girl with Laurel and Hardy. From 1935 to 1941, she continued to play in Our Gang. She is well remembered for her coquettish character, typically the love interest of Alfalfa, Butch, or (usually) Waldo. One of her most memorable moments was singing “I’m in the Mood for Love” in The Pinch Singer.
When she outgrew her role in Our Gang, Hood appeared in a couple of other movies and attended school in Los Angeles. While at Fairfax High School, she organized a vocal group

Hood then went out on her own with singing engagements in nightclubs and guest appearances on TV. She was a regular on The Ken Murray Show from 1950 to 1951. In 1955, she was a leading lady in the act of ventriloquist Edgar Bergen.

in her final film role, which was also her first adult role in a movie. She played a secretary in the suspense drama The Bat with Vincent Price and Agnes Moorehead.

Hood was a guest on such TV shows of the early 1960s as Tell It to Groucho and The Jack Benny Show, where she appeared on 30 October 1962 as “Darla” in a spoof of the Our Gang comedies with Jack Benny (who appeared as Alfalfa).

She appeared in her own nightclub act at the Coconut Grove in Los Angeles, the Copacabana in New York, and the Sahara Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.Hood was busy organizing the 1980 Little Rascals reunion for the Los Angeles Chapter of The Sons of the Desert when she underwent a relatively minor operation at a North Hollywood hospital. Following the procedure, Hood contracted acute hepatitis and died suddenly of heart failure on June 13, 1979. The circumstances of her untimely passing remain unknown and somewhat mysterious. Hood was 47.

The Our Gang community was stunned at Hood’s unexpected passing. Fellow Our Gang member Billie “Buckwheat” Thomas said, “I hate to hear it. It’s a shock. She was an awfully nice person, a fine woman. We got along real good as kids.”. A little over a year later, Thomas died as well.

Darla Hood is interred at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Hollywood.


school teachers michele and ginger *


brie as michele:


brie as ginger:

* any resemblance with persons living or dead is purely coincidental.


“Welcome to the Dollhouse”

(Terri Dolan, Kandi Barbour, Cassie Wells, and brie)

is a 1995 American coming of age black comedy. An independent film, it launched the career Heather Matarazzo.


last month’s mystery photo was mrs. 24/7:

next month’s mystery photo:


unknown amateur showing the pros how its done:


brie doing it while wearing mary jane shoes!