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Back when I was still working, not too long ago, there were buddies, girlfriends, relatives, and stooges!

Now that I am retired there are deadbeats, galoots, sad sacks, and misers!

This from the movie “A face in the crowd”:

“Red necks, crackers, shut-ins, pea pickers!”

“A Face in the Crowd is a 1957 American drama film starring Andy Griffith (in his film debut), Patricia Neal

and Walter Matthau, directed by Elia Kazan. The screenplay is by Budd Schulberg and is based on his short story “Your Arkansas Traveler”, from the collection Some Faces in the Crowd (1953).

The story centers on Larry “Lonesome” Rhodes, a drifter who is discovered by the producer (Neal) of a small-market radio program in rural northeast Arkansas. Rhodes ultimately rises to great fame and influence on national television. The character was inspired by Schulberg’s acquaintance with Will Rogers Jr. The successes of Arthur Godfrey and Tennessee Ernie Ford were also acknowledged in the screenplay.

The film launched Griffith into stardom but got mixed reviews upon its original release. Later decades have seen favorable reappraisals of the movie, and in 2008 it was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant”.

Lee Remick was also in the movie as a majorette:


The Patty Duke Show:




Rebecca Starr ultimate bobby-soxer:

No one out bobby socks Rebecca!

Rebecca Starr


Nylonsissislut: “Wow hot nice Boy Girl”


Julie77: “Brie, I want to eat your hot ass sweetie!”



Jezaree Robs demonstrates the poodle skirt:




Elisabeth Moss wearing a bikini:

Elisabeth Moss

& Brie



Agness new wedgie shoes:




Brie memes:

& Shirley Brie:


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All little girls love their dollies!

Story about twenty year old Ashley :

Mommy forced me into this! – Part 1 of 3


When a woman has an overwhelming desire to dominate and humiliate a boy! Sometimes you

just have to take things into your own hands and force the issue!

I want to completely dominate and humiliate a boy!

“But honey? Don’t you want to look all pretty and Christmas spirited?” Mary asked

stifling her giggles as she saw Ashley nervously twisting and pulling on his cute little

Xmas outfit.

“Yes Mommy,” he sighed though it was obvious to them both that he neither wanted to

look pretty nor Christmas spirited as Mommy continued to take picture after picture of

her precious little one. Not that he had any choice in the matter of course!

“And for heavens sake child quit pulling on your skirt. It’s not going to get any


“But my diaper and panty will be seen,” he complained unhappily.

“I know,” she said giggling openly now. “It just makes you look even more angelic,” as

Ashley sighed in quiet resignation. She so loved prettifying and humiliating him!

Of course it hadn’t always been this way. Last Spring they’d been a more or less normal

dating couple. If by normal you meant Mary being twelve years his senior, half a foot

taller, much more muscular and very outgoing while making all the dating decisions?

While Ashley was so small, frail and pretty for his age of twenty that he looked more

like a young teenager and so introverted that it was Mary who had approached him and

asked him out for that very first date!

He had found himself blushing profusely at the time and had tried to decline knowing

that this beautiful older woman was waaaay out of his league but she had refused to take

no for an answer. Finding his blushing and timidity just soooo utterly sweet and

adorable and giving him no chance to refuse. She had simply taken over telling him when

to get ready, what to wear, picking him up in her fancy convertible and and paying for

the expensive restaurant that she had already picked out. Then afterwards pinning him

up against his door jam as she groped his butt and fondled his crotch all the while

deeply french kissing him as he femininely submitted. Then left him shakily standing

and stunned with the promise that he would be her date from now on!

While being a bit embarrassing with him more or less playing the female role in their

relationship. It had also been enormously exciting and enjoyable over the next couple

of months as Mary had introduced him to a world that he had never known from wild gay

night clubs where she had encouraged him to shake his booty to small intimate moments

like mini-golf with her leaning over him teaching him how to putt or sitting quietly on

a park ledge with her legs wrapped around his and his head nestled in her bosom as she

told him never to be ashamed of being small or pretty as she preferred him this way!

“You’re my pretty little baby now,” she had cooed into his ear. “Never you forget

that,” as he had happily agreed. Perhaps it was just as well back then that he didn’t

realize just how literally she might mean that?

The changes had been subtle at first but as the days got warmer she began to encourage

him to ditch his pants in favour of baggy shorts so as not to hide his utterly cute and

pretty little legs. Then took it a step further by arranging a complete pedicure and

body hair removal to get rid of all those nasty boy hairs followed by having her salon

colour his hair into a Beach Babe blond look and a far too feminine cut!

He had complained of course but she had laughed it off saying that it was all the rage

among young male surfers but when he had looked into the mirror what he had seen was

more of a shy teenage girl than a burly male surfer!

After that the changes had come fast and furious. She insisted that he upgrade his

wardrobe to a more modern and sophisticated style and had followed that up by a

wholesale purge of his closets and dressers as favourite item after favourite item were

deemed too boring, too old fashioned or just plain grungy and he was forced to box them

up for immediate disposal much to his great despair.

This being followed by long shopping trips to out of the way boutiques and specialty

stores that he had never heard of that looked more like teen punk and trendy girls

stores though Mary had insisted that they were actually unisex shops and very in among

the male rocker crowd.

And before long his old baggy jeans were being replaced with designer jeans in baby

blues and pink that were claimed to be the in thing in Europe this year or worse still,

denim spandex jeans so tight and compressed in the crotch that he looked more like a

girl than a boy making him once again wish that he could have been a bigger man like his

father rather than his pathetic little boy self. Though Mary insisted that he looked

just fine.

After that everything else soon followed as old tank tops were replaced with silky

nylon, polos with cotton and silk that looked more like blouses and shorts that were

either so baggy that they could have been mistaken for skirts or else so tight that they

could have passed as feminine short-shorts. Each appearing more humiliating to his eyes

than the previous ones though the store staffs who all seemed to be acquainted with Mary

insisted that this silky violet blouse was all the rage on Carnaby Street or that pink

cut off top that bared his belly was the must have thing this summer on the French


Nor did it end with his outer clothing either and soon his undershirts were also being

ditched in favour of silk and nylon camisoles, boxers and tidy whites with seamless low

rise briefs and bikinis in both cottons and semi-sheer nylons ranging all the way from

jet blacks to pale pinks! His wardrobe looking more and more like it should belong to

his cousin Beverly rather than to himself?

Mary had even insisted on cute little matching unisex socks and running shoes that

wouldn’t have been out of place on any young girl. It being soooo very embarrassing as

they left the last store with Ashley looking more like a teen girl than a 20’s boy

though everybody insisted he was very trendy!

Of course by now he had no choice but to wear them as Mary had practically disposed of

everything else and eventually he had learned to ignore the stares and giggles when they

went out in public or the bullying when he was alone though his father wasn’t too

pleased with how he now looked and his mother just thought he was going through a phase.

It might have ended right then and there with no further escalations but by sheer bad

luck or was it good? Ashley’s employer had suddenly gone bankrupt with no advance

warning and with his monthly rent check due that very night…..? Luckily Mary had

offered a solution.

“Why don’t you ditch the apartment and move in with me,” she had asked?

“Are you serious?” He was shocked. On the one hand it would save his bacon and

anything she offered would be a much better choice than what he had now but on the other

if she was this dominant with him now? What would it be like with him being completely

at her mercy? Still he didn’t have much choice and definitely didn’t want to end up on

the streets especially dressed like this?

“I accept,” he simply said.

It worked out pretty well at first. Even her smallest guest bedroom was palatial by his

standards and she did deeply care about him though in her very own dominating way. And

within a few weeks they had become a defacto couple with Ashley more or less living the

role of a live-in maid and a spouse doing the cooking, cleaning and other wifely duties.

Then one day it all changed.

“Sit down Ashley,” she had said with a grave tone in her voice and a very serious look

in her eyes. “We have to talk!”

“Did…, did I do something wrong,” he nervously asked? She looked so ominously quiet!

“No,” she sighed. “I did!”

“What…?” He was scared now. Very scared. He had met her family, her parents’ Donna

and Frank, her younger sisters’ Patty and Marcy and they had not even batted an eye at

the way he was dressed. In fact they had accepted him fully as Mary’s partner and

hadn’t even shown surprise at her complete dominance as he served drinks and snacks. Of

course her entire family were also very dominant personalities themselves from her

twenty five year old sister Patty who seemed to fully approve of Mary’s choice right

down to her teen sister Marcy who had ordered him around without so much as a second

thought. So perhaps they had expected it? So what was the problem then? He had come

to love being dominated and told what to do by Mary.

“I…., I haven’t been completely straight with you,” she said quietly. “I have a

fetish. A very strong fetish in which I want to completely dominate a boy!”

“I know,” he said “and I don’t mind.”

“It’s more than that,” she replied with a sad tone in her voice. “I’ve completely

fallen in love with my dear little Ashley and I want to take you as my wife!”

“But…, but that’s a good thing! I love you dearly as well! I’d be happy to pretend

to be your wife around the house. Heck for all practical purposes I already am except

for wearing a dress and calling myself Mrs. and if my parents can’t accept that it’s a

sacrifice I’m willing to make!”

“Thank you Dear Ashley,” she said tears now rolling down her face. He had never seen her

nervous and vulnerable like this and it scared him.

“But that’s just it. I literally want you to be my wife! I want to see you every day

always in pretty little dresses and panties. I want to wake up every morning and see

you submissively curled up next to me in an ultra sexy little nightie! Or perhaps on

occasion even tied up in a wee little bit of bondage as well? Looking all cute and

adorable with pleading eyes waiting for me to untie you! Or primping in the mirror

doing your makeup and making yourself look especially adorable just for me. And most

importantly of all I want to see you out in public with me passing as my gay wife with

only my family being the wiser. Are you willing to go that far?”

There was a haunted look in her eyes. A mixed look of utmost longing and sexual lust

combined with an equally strong look of dread and despair if he refused. She really

means it he realized in stunned silence! What was he prepared to do? What was he

prepared to sacrifice?

“I…., I don’t know,” he said. “I never thought through the complete ramifications.”

“There’s a little bit more as well,” she whispered. Her face starting to flush.

“More….,” he replied? What could possibly be more? What could possibly be that


“I…., I also want to be a Mommy!” Her face was now a blazing red! Wait…?


“Sure if you want though I’m not sure how we’d explain about me being a wife to any


“No you don’t understand. I want…, I want you to be my baby!” She finally blurted


“What…?” What in heck did that mean? He wondered in stunned surprise?

“I want to dominate you and humiliate you and at times force you into being my angelic

little girl child. I want to put you into adorable little baby dresses and see you

playing happily with your dollies or giggling babyishly to yourself as you fill in one

of your childish colouring books or squealing with delight as you run around in our

backyard in the frilliest little toddler dresses that I can find all the while being a

good little girl and calling me Mommy!”

Had she been fantasizing about this all this time he wondered to himself as he felt a

growing tightness developing between his thighs? His underwear that day being one of

his most humiliating ones consisting of tight nylon briefs in a pale pink that she had

insisted he wear because it perfectly matched with his pink camisole. It now explained

so much about why she had dressed him like this but not why his boy parts were

stiffening more than they had ever done before in his entire life! Is this turning me

on big time he wondered in growing amazement?

“I also want to dress you up as a cute little schoolgirl doing her homework or helping

her Mommy around the house,” she continued. “Or see you on occasion as the ultimate

little birthday princess, all sugar and spice with bows and ruffles and lace in the most

frilliest and juvenile dresses possible with cute multi ruffled panties peeking out

underneath as you blow out your candles and unwrap all of your new presents of dollies,

dresses and panties not to mention little girls necklace and earing sets! Or even at

times forcing you into the role of a blushing teenage girl shyly trying on her first

training bra or desperately trying to hide her panties from the boys in her short little

mini skirts or mini dresses as I take her out to the malls for mother daughter shopping

trips! Whatever I feel like making you do that day! To completely and totally

dominate and feminize you! It’s always been my ultimate fantasy!” She finished her

face now so red it looked like she was about to faint!

“Wow,” was all Ashley had said that day as he had sat there squirming in stupefied

silence desperately trying to relieve the growing pressure inside his own nylon briefs

or had they really been surrogate panties all this time? What would it be like to live

constantly as a woman he wondered in growing amazement? What would it be like to really

and truly be her wife for real? He could feel his penis now throbbing for relief. And

why am I so turned on about this?

And then there was the other half of the equation. How would it feel to be trapped,

treated and dressed like a little girl whenever Mary desired? To be her little baby

child playing with her dollies, always doing exactly what her Mommy told her and always

being a very good and obedient little girl if that was what Mary wished? He felt like

his maleness was about to burst right out of his briefs now. What is wrong with me he

wondered? Is her fantasy really my inner one as well?

He did worry about that last part of her confession though. If he agreed would she

really dare to take him out in public as a teen aged girl? God if they were caught? Or

was that just something they’d play out in the comfort and safety of their own home?

That he could live with provided his family never found out? But did he really want her

to take over complete and permanent control of his life like that? To be her little

girl always doing exactly what her Mommy told her just like any other feminine child?

He had the feeling that once he committed there could be no going back! But the raging

hard on he now had was refusing to take no for an answer! It could also be the ultimate


“Uh…, could we do a bit of a trial run or something first and see how it all works

out?” He had finally blurted out with his own face now turning an equally bright red to


“Oh Ashley, I love you soooo very much,” Mary had squealed, jumping up, picking him up

and hugging him deeply showing once again the disparity between her strong dominant body

and personality versus his frail and submissive one. “You’re going to be such a

wonderful wife and little baby girl! I just know it and I guarantee we’re going to have

so much fun!” And so over the course of the summer that was exactly what they had done!

To be continued in Part 2 of 3……..


Wow indeed! So Mary not only wants to have him as her wife but as her little girl as

well! Who knew? And even more surprising Ashley’s inner boy or perhaps we should say

inner girl seems to be very, very happy with that prospect? So stay tuned for Part 2 as

we see if they can both get what they truly want??? 😉

This is the first part of a three part storyline that started out as a short 350 word

commentary that I made on a piece by… who has some very

nice CGI femdom, cd and age regression renders. I had intended it to be a short little

piece similar to my “Sammy’s First Day of Kindergarten” or “The old Village Orphanage”

but it just kept getting bigger and bigger and it’s now become a medium length story of

about 7,500 words (14 pages) in length. Let me know what you think of it and if you’d

like any more?


For the newly emasculated and feminized gurls. The first date was always the most traumatic!


This morning I drove my Mazda SUV to McDonalds’ drive-up window for breakfast.

When I got to the window they said “no charge.”
I said: “So, I pay at the next window?”
They said: “No the gentleman behind you paid!?!?!?”
Perhaps he thought I was a woman as I did not comb my hair just going to pick up my breakfast. Strange. I don’t look or sound as feminine as Sterling Holloway–don’t confuse with Sterling Hayden–no way! (Look it up if you care.)
Appreciated the free breakfast! That was so nice compared to the deadbeats and galoots on the internet!

Yesterday I went to buy a leather couch (stimulus money!) Those jack holes I used to work for who repeatedly kept beating me out of promotions no doubt make too much money on their retirements to qualify for stimulus money! Whereas I’m just under the amount to qualify for the maximum!
Anyway, there was a very attractive 50 year old woman sitting on the leather couch

I wanted to buy. She had her hair in curls like Shirley Temple!
She said: “What a lovely couch”! I talked to her for about a minute. I told the salesman I wanted to buy the couch. “Shirley” then said ” its a really good price.”
I said to the salesman: “Is she a shill?”

Also, I’ve noticed lots of sad sacks out there, such as my best friend (miser), and my cousin.


Brie as Velma


Rebecca Starr:

Rebecca Starr

22 year old Molly Rome:

Molly Rome


Janet Mason
PTA soccer mom!


Kathia Nobil wearing crotchless pink tights!

Kathia resembles Elisabeth Moss!

Brie as Liz Moss:

Sally and the Cook book

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From Wikipedia:
“Sally Field was born in Pasadena, California, to Margaret Field an actress and Richard Dryden Field. Her father was an army officer. Following her parents’ 1950 divorce, her mother married actor and stuntman Jock Mahoney [Tarzan!]. Field alleged in her 2018 memoir that she was sexually abused by Mahoney during her childhood.
As a teen, Field attended Portola Middle School and Birmingham High School in Van Nuys, where she was a cheerleader.

Her classmates included actress Cindy Williams.
Sally Field is the recipient of various accolades, including two Academy Awards, three Primetime Emmy Awards, two Golden Globe Awards, a Screen Actors Guild Award.
Field began her professional career on television, starring in titular roles on the short-lived sitcom Gidget

(1965–1966) [many people are surprised that Gidget was so short-lived]. In 1976, her career saw a turning point when she garnered critical acclaim of her portrayal of a woman suffering from multiple personality disorder in the television miniseries Sybil,

for which she received the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited Series or Movie. Although her film debut was as an extra in Moon Pilot (1962), her film career escalated during the 1970s with starring roles in successful films including Stay Hungry (1976), Smokey and the Bandit (1977), Heroes (1977), The End (1978), and Hooper (1978). Her career further expanded during the 1980s, twice receiving the Academy Award for Best Actress for Norma Rae [The scene where she holds up the “UNION” sign brings tears to my eyes every time] (1979) and Places in the Heart (1984), and continued to appear in a wide range of acclaimed and successful films including Smokey and the Bandit II (1980), Absence of Malice (1981), Kiss Me Goodbye (1982), Murphy’s Romance (1985), Steel Magnolias (1989), Mrs. Doubtfire (1993), and Forrest Gump (1994).

In 2010s, her film career saw a resurgence. She starred as Mary Todd Lincoln in Lincoln [I really need to see this!] (2012).

In 2014, she was presented with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.”

From Sally:
“And then I am not as young as I had been, almost fourteen–and I knew. I knew. I felt both a child, helpless, and not a child. Powerful. This was power. And I owned it. But I wanted to be a child–and yet.”
And then he slides from the shower, wet and erect and I don’t know how he ever gets that thing in his pants, since I never see it in any other condition. He gently picks me up and sets me on the bathroom counter. I sit on the cold tile surrounded by mirrors, me in my Saran-wrap dress. He kisses me, not any different than other times. And yet it’s different, it’s different.
He sets his penis, as muscular as the rest of him, between my legs and pulls my littleness toward him…and it.
He loved me enough not to invade me. He never invaded me. In all the many times. Not really. It would have been one thing if he had held me down and raped me, hurt me. Made me bleed. But he didn’t. Was that love? Was that because he loved me?”

“When “Gidget” was canceled after that one blur of a season, I felt only one quick painful stab and then it was gone. But when I walked away from the girl I loved so much, I didn’t feel crushed. Gidget was still with me, was me. And living with her so relentlessly that year had given me things I hadn’t owned before: a tiny sliver of her confidence, her willingness to be optimistic , and her daring ability to look toward the future.”

More (at the Golden Globes):
“With my hair in Shirley Temple ringlets and without any rehearsal, I was connected to the damn wires, and without warning hoisted up like a flag. And off I went. Suddenly I was sailing across the historic Cocoanut Grove wearing a pink taffeta culottes outfit and heading toward the stage at forty-five miles an hour.”

(“In Pieces” by Sally Field)

Sally: “You like me,” she declared. “You really like me.”
Brie: Yes they do.

Recommended reading:



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“Perfect pose”

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“piss your panty”


Andi James

22 year old Angelica wearing saddle shoes:



Rebecca Starr:


“Driving the freeways in Los Angeles, you seem to travel over the city rather than through it. The houses on either side have no identifable shape or order as they flash by, and the people, if visible, lack real identity. What was Los Angeles like before the freeways? There is no telling now, of course. Streetcars clanged through the streets, hauling their passengers through one neighborhood after another. Before the freeways were built, there were neighborhoods there to travel through.”
“The atmosphere at the bakery was remarkable. This was during Prohibition, and there was a very corrupt police force. Cops used to constantly come in there, and we’d give them bread and cakes to keep them happy and they gave us whiskey. And it was quite customary for cops to have girls. The girl would be on probation, and as a matter of fact a cop would set her up and trap her, and would put her in a hotel room to do business for him. That way the cops –a lot of them–had strings of girls, and there was no way to get away. If a girl tried, bang! the cop has her on prostitution.”
“The despair of that particular area–honky-tonks, whorehouses, everyone scrounging, scrambling–well, it was just beyond belief. There was a real Depression there.” (Trumbo by Bruce Cook)


From Wikipedia: “Strait-Jacket is a 1964 American horror-thriller film starring Joan Crawford

and Diane Baker in a macabre mother and daughter tale about a series of axe-murders. Released by Columbia Pictures, the film was directed and produced by William Castle. The screenplay was the first of two written for Castle by Robert Bloch, the second being The Night Walker (1964). The film’s plot makes use of the psychological abuse method known as gaslighting.”






Alcatraz & Monica

um hi


Approximately two years ago, I took my new Mazda 6 (paid cash –sniff!) on vacation.
Drove down to Santa Nella California and stopped at the Pea Soup Anderson for a rather expensive breakfast, South on I5, then taking highway 41 (to the James Dean cutoff!) to arrive at Morro Bay. It was rather warm for October. Noticed the giant rock, which back in the 70’s you could climb without breaking the law, checked into the motel and then drove to the waterfront and parked the car.
There was a line of people waiting for food! So I got in line for a whole hour just to order a crab cocktail. Next time I’ll get an alcoholic drink to enjoy while waiting as they prepare my food. Ate back at the motel.
Later after my shower, put on my Rebecca Starr

outfit: school girl flats, lacy bobby socks, pretty panties,short plaid skirt, bra, school girl blouse, ear rings. Inserted anal dildo, and had one of my best orgasims of the year after about an hour making contact with my incubus!
Next morning went back to the waterfront, and found the bakery where Jack Lalanne (exercise guru) used to go, when he was still alive, after exercising all morning to get a bran muffin for breakfast. They even had his seat by the fire place marked.

Drove up to Santa Clara, right in the heart of silicone valley.Traveled on down Stevens Creek Blvd to where it became San Carlos Blvd heading toward San Jose. About a mile past Winchester Blvd exists the great falafel stand! Had a falafel and banana shake. In Santa Clara checked into a cheap
motel costing over 100 bucks per night!
While checking in the clerk said we have free coffee in the morning.
I said “No way I’m going to Stan’s donuts!” (best donuts on the planet)
So, the next morning brought back Stan’s donuts and coffee to the motel.
After which it was now time to drive up to Frisco to catch the boat to Alcatraz Island.
I had been to Frisco many times, but had never been to the Island.
I was going to go to Alcatraz two years previously with my sister, but an enormous Disney cruise ship came in and bigfooted all the tickets. This time I already had my ticket printed out from my printer in black and white.
Got off the freeway too soon because I was worried I would end up on the Bay Bridge! Found a Vallero gas station, pulled in, and locked the Mazda setting the alarm as I had to use the facility. I had to go both #1 and #2 (urinate and defecate for my foreign readers). Looked at my watch noticing that I had one hour to catch my boat. I asked the cute Asian gal working in the gas station how to get to Fisherman’s Warf from there. She said “It’s easy!” then gave me the directions.
Got on the boat and proceeded to Alcatraz Island. Upon arrival they tried to corral the people getting off the boat so someone using a bullhorn could expound on the American Indian take over of the island during the early 1970s. I knew the story and kept walking to not waste time. I went up and up, then it would be easier to go down the rest of the tour. Arrived at the cell block and was given some sort of memory device with headphones. So, I can go on the tour at my own speed. Anyway, it was hot and crowded. So, I started hitting the skip button and going faster.
Interesting criminal legends such as the birdman and Al Capone  inhabited Alcatraz at one time. Would have another celebrity convict except the Whitey Bulger movie was amazingly lousy.
Saw the famous exercise yard with the concrete steps and view of Frisco. Time to leave!
Long line at the boat, and feared that I would have to wait for the next one, but I got on.
Back in the city (Frisco–San Francisco for my foreign readers), I went to a run-down looking but famous restaurant–Sabella Latorre. As I approached a live band was playing “If you’re going to San Francisco be sure to wear a flower in your hair.” They sounded good too.
At the restaurant had clam chowder, crab cocktail, one lobster tail, with Frisco sourdough bread, washed down with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc.
Before the big earthquake of 1989, it was easy getting in and out of there. Just jump on the Embarcadero, which was destroyed by the aforementioned quake.
Next day drove to Watsonville to check into the motel, then drove down the pacific coast highway (the PCH for you people in California) to  Monterey and had Cioppino for lunch washed down with Chardonnay. Walked around the pier for awhile.
When I was a kid my father owned some beach front lots north of there, but the state eminent domained him out making it a state park. Would have made him rich if he could have held onto the land.
So, drove back to the motel in Watsonville, where my cousin lived on an apple orchard many years ago before moving north of Monterey by my father’s lots.
Next day had breakfast at Casa de Fruita, which has been a road side attraction longer than I’ve been alive. Drove past the big reservoir, which was rather low back then due to the drought. Approaching I5 as highway 33 goes to Gustine Ca, where the oldest living movie star resides. Baby Peggy

child actress from the 1920s, then home by the afternoon.


kirktrack:   “sexy panty”




Virginia Knight:


Baby bottle!




“Elsa Lanchester, who was eking out a living as a nude

model for painters and photographers but aspired to a career as an actress and singer.” (JAMES WHALE A New World of Gods and Monsters by James Curtis)


Saddle shoes with glasses!


Brie as Patty:


Question: Who is Monica Robinson?

Answer: next month.


Theda and Fante

um hi



New stamps approved!





“It was a branch of the Los Angeles Public Library. Miss Hopkins


was on duty.I glanced over the desk and was glad she wore a loose dress. If I could get her to walk across the room on some pretext I might be lucky and see her legs moving in silhouette. I always wondered what her legs were like under glistening hose.”
(The Road to Los Angeles by John Fante)



The cowboy boots seem rather trashy, but it is Rebecca Starr!



This is not Mayim Bialik


from “The Big Bang Theory”.


 from Wikipedia:
“Theda Bara


  July 29, 1885 – April 7, 1955) was an American silent film and stage actress.

Bara was one of the most popular actresses of the silent era, and one of cinema’s earliest sex symbols. Her femme fatale roles earned her the nickname The Vamp (short for vampire). Bara made more than 40 films between 1914 and 1926, but most are now lost because the 1937 Fox vault fire destroyed most of her films. After her marriage to Charles Brabin in 1921, she made two more feature films and retired from acting in 1926 having never appeared in a sound film.”


jb4977 said the following:


“Gotta love that… inspiring for sure.. and standing at attention to appreciate… very nice. J”


“Looking like Peggy Hill




Shirley and mom:





Free Year End Bonus

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“What’s the lady’s name?” I asked.
“Uh…Miss Delight,” he said. “Trixie Delight.”


She’s a dancer.”
“The Sultan’s Harem?” I asked.

I put on everything new, from panties to an inexpensive black-and-white
check dress that Long Boy and I had bought in Tampa.
She bought me eight dresses, two pair of shoes, a robe and slippers, two dozen pairs of panties and socks, and a dozen nightgowns and slips.”  
(PAPER MOON by Joe David Brown)



 Tatum O’Neal “Addie” dress


from Paper Moon. (Paramount, 1973) Vintage original, custom tailored, paneled and pleated babydoll dress. Constructed of pink and crème colored cotton with silk collar and cuffs and pink ribbon and cutout applique embellishments. Designed with period blocky art deco motif. Retaining the internal bias label with handwritten, “T. O’Neal”. Worn by O’Neal in her Academy Award winning role and highly visible at the “carnival con” scene and in promotional materials and posters.  In vintage fine condition. $12,000 – $15,000″



Rebecca Starr!






This pornagraphic novel


really impressed me when I was 12 years old!


“The Story of The Creation of a Lesbian” by Justin Kent

Author of:


Eye Witness



Queen Bee

Prison Love Erotic New York City 175 pages

Rare book from a dangerous time for women, women of color, women loving women, law, beliefs, privacy, incarceration, life, the depression, war, etc.



Depictions of Brie from admirers:









Free year-end bonus:


Just click on “sissy” below to play mp4 video:



Brie as Shirley:


Virginia and Chasey

um hi




“Virginia  Weidler


(March 21, 1927 – July 1, 1968) was an American child actress, popular in Hollywood films during the 1930s and 1940s.

Weidler made her first film appearance in 1933. Over the next few years, she was cast in minor roles for RKO and Paramount Pictures. Neither studio made more extensive use of her, and when Paramount did not extend her contract, she was signed by MGM in 1938. Her first film for MGM was with their leading male star Mickey Rooney in Love Is a Headache (1938). The film was a success and Weidler was later cast in larger roles. She was one of the all-female cast of the 1939 film The Women, as Norma Shearer’s character’s daughter.

Her next major success was The Philadelphia Story (1940) in which she played Dinah Lord, the witty younger sister of Tracy Lord (Katharine Hepburn). As a teenager she was less popular with audiences.

After a string of box-office disappointments, her film career ended with the 1943 film Best Foot Forward. At her retirement from the screen at age 16, she had appeared in more than forty films, and had acted with some of the biggest stars of the day, including Clark Gable and Myrna Loy in Too Hot to Handle, Bette Davis in All This and Heaven Too and Judy Garland in Babes on Broadway.

Her older brother, saxophonist George Weidler, (1926–1989) was married to Doris Day from March 1946 to May 1949. Prior to her birth, Weidler’s German-born father, Alfred Weidler, (1886–1966) had been an architect in Hamburg, Germany, but moved the family to Los Angeles in 1923 and went on to become a model builder with 20th Century Fox. Her mother, Margaret (née Meyer), had been an opera singer in Germany.

On March 27, 1947, aged 20, Weidler married Lionel Krisel.

Weidler refused to be interviewed for the remainder of her life, living in private. She remained married to Krisel until her death on July 1, 1968, when she suffered a heart attack in Los Angeles at age 41.”


Chasey Lain demonstrates the poodle skirt!


and Brie too!



“Barbara came out of the bathroom naked and got dressed, first a bra and panties and a half-slip and a garter belt and stockings


(no girdle, not even after two kids), and then making up her face and doing her hair, and last, her jewelry: a watch, and her wedding ring.”
(W.E.B. Griffin)


Bobby socks:


& Debbie:



dandy133: “Love those stockings – look much better on you than women”



Rebecca Starr!

rebecca starr


Brie as Shirley:



Surviving the Eighties

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Tiffany Storm wearing pink Granny boots from Kmart!

tiffany storm

& Tianna wearing saddle shoes:



Surviving the big recession of the 1980s (don’t confuse with the more recent great recession), while living in Reno Nevada, was somehow accomplished.
Driving a 1974 Dodge (don’t confuse with the Blues Mobile), and living in a mobile home park near the airport.
The mobilehome


had aluminum wiring and two inch thick walls, which soon became illegal due to the new Federal Standards for manufactured housing.
On a typical cold day i would wake up around 9 o’clock in the morning to turn on the quartz heater  before jumping back into bed with the small black & white portable television on waiting for the room to heat up (never had the money to fix the big central air heater the whole 3 1/2 years there, but the swamp (evaporative) cooler did work for the hot weather).
On day Mike, who claimed to be from the Upper  Peninsula of Michigan, was outside sleeping in my yard. So, i drove him in my heap to downtown Reno (the Horseshoe Casino) for breakfast paid by me. I do believe Mike suffered from schizophrenia . Yelling at the Horseshoe waitress: “I’m Howard Hughes Junior!” Another example was his mind tripping with Jill Saint John


(don’t confuse with Susan Saint James!).  


Oh! Incidentally, back then the only casino gambling existing then in the USA was in Nevada and Atlantic City New Jersey!


Scene from “Sock it to me” on Overtime video:

im getting fucked

“I’m getting fucked!”


More Rebecca Starr:



“Mature Aunt”

mature aunt

& brie as Patty:


Penelope and Peter Pan collars

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um hi


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

“Dame Penelope Keith


  born 2 April 1940) is an English actress, best known for her roles in the British sitcoms The Good Life and To the Manor Born.”

Lets play “Audrey and Marjorie!



Real sissy whores wear Peter Pan collars with their lacy bobby socks!

Brandi Love:

brandi love

Brandy Lyons:

brandy lyons

& brie:

peter pan color


Also from Wikipedia:

“Linda Darnell


(October 16, 1923 – April 10, 1965) was an American film actress.

“Darnell was a model as a child, and progressed to theater and film acting as an adolescent. At the encouragement of her mother, she made her first film in 1939, and appeared in supporting roles in big budget films for 20th Century Fox throughout the 1940s. She rose to fame with co-starring roles opposite Tyrone Power in adventure films and established a main character career after her role in Forever Amber (1947). Furthermore, she won critical acclaim for her work in Unfaithfully Yours (1948) and A Letter to Three Wives (1949).

Notorious for her unstable personal life, Darnell was incapable of dealing with Hollywood, and landed in a downward spiral of alcoholism, unsuccessful marriages and highly publicized or scandalous affairs. She failed to receive recognition from the industry and its critics, and largely disappeared from the screen in the 1950s. Darnell died from burns sustained in a house fire in 1965.”


Rebecca Starr:

rebecca starr


rebecca starr1


brie as Patty:



Corliss Archer

um hi

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“Having darned and put away the last pair of bobby socks, Corliss went downstairs”


[and later]

Within the last few months she had been promoted from bobby socks to stockings”

corliss archer

The father in this story was an Attorney. Apparently, the Archers were a prosperous family, and extrapolating backward, the great depression was merely a speed bump for them.

Meet Corliss Archer” was first published in 1942, when the outcome of the war was still uncertain.
My copy was published in 1944, and according to what was written inside by a previous owner, was presented as a gift on Dec 1945, with Europe and Asia in rubble, people in the USA must have felt rather smug back then, whereas since 1968 we have been gradually declining ever since. (Actually, you could argue that 1968 was a point of inflection, and the actual decline began around 1977.)


Cameras both still and motion loved Shirley Temple


like no one else! Shirley portrayed Corliss Archer in the movies.


Big-time bobby-soxing:

bobby socks

 & Ginger:



High School teacher,


who lived in the Silver Lake district of Los Angeles.


Janet Mason (PTA soccer mom!) wearing a garter belt:

Janet Mason & DFW Knight

& Rebecca Starr:



The amazing movie “Soldier in the Rain” with Steve McQueen and Jackie Gleason, along with Tuesday Weld and Tom Poston (Don’t confuse with Orson Bean!), had a scene where McQueen took polaroid pictures of a soldier in drag,


trying to win a pin up photo contest!

“Root a toot toot.”



Sometimes he would require mature women

sissy socks pink ballerina flats

to dress like little girls, before ravaging them!