The Bobby-soxer

This is the best example of bobby-soxing in its purest form, I’ve ever seen:


& brie:



 Bobby-soxer with pink panties:

bobby-soxer pink panties

nude bobby-soxer:





Mrs. N from the analog days

um hi

brie from the video Lola:


Reading “All Quiet on the Western Front” during the

Tet Offensive.

The book was assigned by Mrs. N.

a wonderful English teacher.

Driving with Chuck to Pasadena, around midnight, laying low after committing malicious mischief, with “I Wonder What She’s Doing Tonight?” playing on the car radio, traversing our way to the all-night coffee shop on Colorado Blvd., as cop sirens blare ineffectually back in La Crescenta from where we departed, and while B-52’s are either dropping bombs on Viet Nam or being readied to do so.


Chuck came by to check on the progress of the 6 inchers and the 9 inchers (low explosives).

Since he enjoyed being sneaky, he coasted his car down the driveway with the lights off to within inches of my abode, which consisted of a detached garage converted to a two story apartment, with what used to be a kitchen, and a usable bathroom though the shower was shabby. So I took baths in the main house during the analog days.

Chuck worked various jobs and had over a thousand bucks in the bank!

He financed my explosives research and development. I would send away to Echo products of New Jersey, which used to advertise in the back of Popular Science. The materials for building bombs were delivered by U.P.S., since the post office wouldn’t handle them.I would grab the package left on the front porch before mom came home from work.

One time Chuck came over and we watched “The Smothers Brothers” on the black & white television,

while he wolfed down his KFC chicken dinner not offering me any.

After being up really late at night delivering 6 inchers and 9 inchers, I would make sure I would show up in class the next day no matter how exhausted to avert suspicion.

The “Man from Uncle” exploding pellets weren’t any good, since the iodine crystals needed ammonia from a chemical supply house rather than just household ammonia from the supermarket,

whereas the 6 inchers and 9 inchers were awesome beyond belief.

Two rolls of toilet paper fit over a 9 incher with the water proof guta percha fuse protruding from the middle. This made quite a mess when exploded:

“My yard was a disgrace!”

I would spend summers downstairs in the garage unit, and winters upstairs, while studying math, physics, and chemistry, trying to make something of myself.

Would get off wearing mom’s panties, and nylons

for additional kicks to relieve the pressure.


Big-time bobby-soxing:

Rebecca Starr applying lipstick:

Also, Mr. eighteen inch Tony Duncan:



A Hoffman television, Hallicrafters radio, and a Shirley Temple pitcher

in the Arleta house located in the San Pornando Valley (Los Angeles, California), which actually had an incinerator for burning trash in the back yard, but not for long as they were banned due to the smog situation. Perhaps the radio was purchased from the Big 5, which started as 5 Army/Navy surplus stores in Los Angeles?


brie as Shirley Temple wearing a ballerina costume: