Baby Jane

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 Joan Crawford


requested the part of Blanch in the film “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?” Joan also recommended Bettie Davis for the part of Baby Jane Hudson!


This was perfect as in the 1930s you could argue that Joan was better looking, but Bettie perhaps more talented as an actress.

The movie was really successful, and Joan and Bettie were going to make another movie together, but the animosity level was too high. Joan, who was on the board of directors of Pepsi Cola, quit the proposed film.  

The author (Henry Farrell) of “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane” is a really fantastic writer. I wish I could write that good!

Also, in the movie “Whatever happened to Baby Jane,” the nosy neighbors next door had a Keane print hanging on their wall thus:



Holly Mccall!

holly mccall

(I had a rug just like that!)



Holly with her women’s Army uniform removed.

Was that Holly’s uniform or from the surplus store on Van Nuys Blvd.?


The girls:



Mandy Tyler

mandy tyler


Here are some photos from the best ever bobby-soxing scene in video:





Baby Bottles,Tennis, & Women’s Surplus Army Uniforms

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brie as Bettie Page.


Rebecca Starr!

& baby bottle brie:


When the new Zody’s store (sort of like a Kmart –by the way I still have my life time Gemco membership card, even though they went belly-up years ago) opened in Burbank, Smiley Burnett (one of Gene Autry’s sidekicks), and Linda Kaye

from “Petticoat Junction” were there. Burnett had a big roll of what looked liked tickets. He would tear off a “ticket” handing them to the people in line as an autograph. It didn’t even look like he signed them. It looked more like his signature was printed on them! After a few years, I threw mine away. Whereas, my uncle, who worked at Universal Studio, obtained a personally autographed photograph from Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. It was one of his prized possessions –really cool.

Substitute teacher was trying to make it as an actor.

He once took over the Enterprise, when Captain Kirk, Spock, Scotty, the communications officer, the doctor, George Takai,  and even the Russian guy beamed down to some planet.

Also, my mom was going with a gofer at the studios, who acquired a Star Trek script, which I tried to rip off from him, but before he left :”Hey! Where’s that script!?” Somehow I knew it would have value in the future.

Taking trigonometry during the “summer of love.” Dragged off to the “love-in” at Griffith Park –“At the Love-in!”

(Chocolate Watch Band)

Had the kool aid, but not the sugar cubes! The sugar cubes containing LSD will cause you to jump off a freeway overpass, according to badge 714! “Dum De Dum Dum.”

Speaking of tennis:





Alexis Texas as Marilyn Monroe:

brie as Marilyn:


Holly Mccall wearing a woman’s Army uniform (Holly’s or from the surplus store on Van Nuys Blvd.?)

brie as Holly Mccall!


brie as Shirley:

myra & mary kay

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brie as Patty Duke


Myra Gale Lewis

When a British reporter discovers Jerry Lee Lewis is married to his teenage cousin, Lewis is condemned as a child molester and a pervert by the public. Lewis learns he is about to become a father, as his 13-year-old wife tells him she has become pregnant.


Recently in California, my Holly Mccall legs wearing Hillary Summers white open toe sandals with 4 inch heels up in the air;

anal dildo inserted in my pooper, panties pulled slightly down, dress all the way up to my neck –poor brie! Bra askew exposing nipple, garter belt, taupe nylons, sweating as it was humid, but not hot, wearing perfume, while my incubus has his way with me, causing me to shake all over ecstatically.


Mary Kay Letourneau, one of the most memorable teachers to be sent to prison for the statuary rape of a student, seen here pregnant with the student’s second child.

Mary Kay Letourneau; born January 30, 1962,  is an American schoolteacher who was imprisoned from 1997 to 2004 for having sexual intercourse with her 13-year-old student, Vili Fualaau. She gave birth to two of Fualaau’s children while incarcerated. After her release from prison in 2004, Letourneau married Fualaau and took his name.


Lauren Chapin

Born in Los Angeles, California is an American former child actress, most famouslyremembered for her role as youngest child “Kathy ” (nicknamed

“Kitten“) in the television show Father Knows Best. She is the author of Father Does Know Best—The Lauren Chapin Story

(1988). in her book lauren admitted to being slightly chubby, but she was cute as hell. any parent would be delighted to have a wonderful daughter like that. also, described in the book was lauren’s ordeal with drug addiction and forced prostitution — among other things. amazingly, she survived and moved on.


Marilyn Chambers:

with Mike Ranger:


Kayla Marie bobby-soxing:

unknown sissy-soxer:


mommy Wanda:


porn actress Shirley Dimples:


brie as Shirley Temple: