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college girl brie


“you have legs like a girl!” (said by Billy and also by mom a few years later).


Somewhere in the San Fernando valley, when not climbing over the backyard fence, where the incinerator (banned due to smog) for burning trash used to be, and walking through the wash (flood control channel) to the liquor store on Osborne ave. for a big hunk candy bar to be washed down with Borden’s chocolate drink (geeze! What crap I used to eat!), and perusing the magazines and comic books for Donald Duck or Mad magazine – this Screen Thrills Illustrated

looks interesting, I decided one day to go over (visit isn’t the appropriate word) to Magna’s house down the block on Bromwich street.

Magna was the cutest girl not only on the block, but in the entire school.

it appeared that no one was home, where she lived down the street. So I snuck into their house through the side door off the kitchen. I was both terrified at being found out, and excited finding Magna’s room, I grabbed her pillow case,

stuffing it with girlie panties and socks from her dresser, also shoes and a pretty dress from her closet! I didn’t take one of her dolls because i liked Magna and didn’t want to hurt her at all.

Later when Billy was staying overnight at our place, I put Magna’s clothes (my clothes now!) on.

Just squeezing into her lovely shoes after putting on the girly socks,with the dress and panties, causing Billy to react joyfully. cuddling and getting my panties pulled down, though neither one of us knew what we were doing. If I only had known the possibilities of baby oil, then I could have made Billy forget about Magna!

One day after school, I was lured to Rob’s house by Billy, whereupon they shoved me into the bathroom, while  Rob’s mother’s pink baby doll nightie was thrown inside with me, just before slamming the door shut. Rob’s mom was still at work and no one else was home. They exerted their weight against the door, declaring they would not let me out until I put on the slip, panties, and the woman’s shoes that just happened to be in there! Apprehensively, I complied.

Upon letting me out, none of us had a clue as to what should happen next. They both stared at me, and demanded that I sit on their laps just like a girl! Whereupon they caressed me affectionately. Soon they were satisfied, and I put my regular clothes back on before Rob’s mother came home.
Billy was always trying to get me to take off my clothes. I guess he was just practicing for when he could get women.

Another night a few years later, I was staying at Billy’s overnight. Even though we were amazingly quiet, his mom must have had her ear pressed against the wall. When Billy whispered for me to remove my clothes, and climb into bed with him, his mom immediately came storming through the door, thereby, busting us before anything could get started.


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