brie & molly the dolly

um hi

jinkies! brie as velma:

actual scene from one of my videos:

here i am watching a scene from another video:brie751

i call this video “thanx koa” because the woman in this is seen standing next to a sign which says “thanks koa”. she has the most wonderful husband (boyfriend?) for a lover!

she is a little stocky and looks like someone’s fourth grade school teacher. oh! how she lovingly gets on her knees to worship her boyfriend’s love pole! they are in the park behind the bushes. you can hear the hubbub of other people in the park as she is on her back with her dress unbuttoned in the front. the darling boyfriend is giving her the in and out for awhile, then he moves his face down below orally, before going back to the in and out with her legs in the air, while she is wearing sneakers and socks, removing her glasses, which have steamed up! looks like this video escaped from someone’s bedroom. if anyone has any information about this video, please let me know.   

molly the dolly

recently, an admirer asked me the name of my doll:

at first i was going to name my doll hillary, but that sounds too political, even though i was naming the doll after the porn actress hillary summers. so, i decided on “molly”, which is not named for molly ringwald (excellent in “pretty in pink”!), but for molly rome the porno star.

who not only looks like a doll, but wears cute little outfits (like me!), while getting penetrated variously.

brie with molly the dolly:

brie with what an admirer called the voodoo doll:

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  1. lady carrie Says:
    hello Brie:i love You and do not think it is a voodoo doll at all but Your dolly!Thanks for all You do for me and i am proud to be Your friend, after Mistress C gets my wardrobe more in line, (more conservative….only dresses, skirts, hose, heels and flats with an occasional pair of dress slacks this winter; i will send You some pictures for Your blog!
    i just got my hair and nails done last weekend and feel so ladylike already.
    i love Your outfits and shoes of course, makes me jealous, but Mistress C says i have to move on and be Her Lady!
    curtsy to You Brie, love, hugs and kiss
    lady carrie

bobby socks

um hi dearest darlings

Speaking of shoe locks, there you are wearing a garter belt  with nylons, black bra, panties  removed, and locked

into black patent leather high heels  with at least 2 padlocks. Who is that pounding on the door? No time to

remove the shoe locks! Someone  busts down the door saying:  “If you are going to dress

like a woman, then you are going to fuck  like a woman!” (from Hubert Selby‘s novel “Last Exit to Brooklyn”)

Ohhh Nooo


I bought my first computer back in 99. Almost immediately I noticed some fantastic pictures of Annie Anklets wearing poodle skirts, petticoats, bobby socks, and saddle shoes. So, I sent “her” an email mentioning that I like to wear poodle skirts too, and Annie said “show me!” This required that I bought a digital camera. Anyway, recently I uploaded one of my videos to a porn site, which Annie noticed and sent me a lovely email, which will remain confidential. Here are some photos of the beautiful and sexy Annie Anklets:


Annie resides in both New York and Florida. I really should go to visit “her” in Florida. I’m on the table wearing my school girl outfit with bobby socks and Mary Janes (my panties removed), while my legs are in the air with Annie’s love pole sliding in and out of my pooper as the video camera records the event! “Oh! Dearest baby! You don’t have to wear a condom for mommy brie–I’m not a ball buster — feels sooooo good”!


doll house Says:

doll house…

Great Post! I really enjoy your blog…but more than anything I love doll houses!…


I just mentioned this in an email to Annie:

About 1985 I was in Hollywood (California) and noticed some free literature in a news paper machine, which I grabbed. Later on in Silicone Valley I sent away for something having to do with fetish clothes in the publication. A really interesting catalog arrived showing among other things a male I would guess about 25 years old wearing saddle shoes with a pleated skirt — this is about the most erotic thing i have seen!!! They were selling both the pleated skirt and the saddle shoes. I do remember the advertisement saying “You’ll have to shave your legs for this one!” The catalog had other stuff probably garterbelts, nylons, and spiked high heel pumps (with shoe locks –little padlocks on them!!!– or perhaps that was some other outfit in New York that had those???), but its hard to remember. So all I know for sure is that in the eighties there was someone in Hollywood promoting the ultimate fetish: saddle shoes, what I call the bobby-soxer look. I wish I still had that catalog. its really historical.

Here is a picture of Candy, who lives in Oregon not far from the Blue Heron bistro — I believe:

brie coffee mugs & fridge magnets

um hi again dearest darlings:

yesterday i submitted the following image to my online store:


almost instantly i received a print request, but it was soon canceled when the customer realised that i’m not a female. too bad! the customer could have had a 30 inch by 40 inch canvas print hanging on their wall — oh! well! (high resolution photo)

brie coffee mugs, mouse pads, magnets, artistic prints

etc. available at

pretty pictures

um hi

elli kasuga in japan has the prettiest pictures:

a few years ago elli sent me a picture from “her” Hawaii vacation, where she was only wearing a bikini! i still think i might have the picture on a back-up disk somewhere, but i can’t find it, and the cd-rom drive keeps locking up making it an ordeal to find stuff.

anyway, if either elli sends me another one, or i find the one i probably still have, i’ll post it here in this blog.

so, here i am dearest darlings getting frilly like elli:


julia’s stockings & panties


Julia has the best fetish website i know of.

Apparently, both Julia

and I are aficionados of old TV shows. On her website she asked the question: “did you ever wonder what was under Eve Arden’s dress?”
I emailed Julia saying that there was one episode where Eve  Arden actually  lifted her skirt showing cymbals attached to her knees, which she then clanged together!
Julia seemed impressed with the few glamour photos (of me) I sent to her as she did pretty much the same thing herself,
although Julia’s website makes big buck$ (unlike mine!).  She sells videos, and used panties. I bought a pair of her little girl panties once, but washed them first before wearing them:

someone contacted me asking if i wanted to list my used panties on a website somewhere, but i declined because i would at most only sell one or two pairs a year, and it didn’t seem worth the trouble.

Julia then went on to say in her email that her favorite old TV show was “Love That  Bob” — of course, i could have guessed! (Bob was a photographer taking glamour photos of women in the TV series.
“Hold it!
I think you’re going to like this picture”:

retro porn in the valley

brie242from the los angeles times reprint of the los angeles mirror (no longer exists) from 50 years ago:
Oct. 24, 1957
Los Angeles
 The Times account of the pornography raid shows that by the 1950s the adult film industry had a heavy presence in the San Fernando Valley and that the ring operated much like a regular studio.George W. Richter, 63, 9721 Lemona Ave., a North Hills man with a long history in the porn industry, provided the film processing lab while his sons George F., 13019 Bracken St., Pacoima, and Robert C. Richter, Northridge, operated the cameras, The Times said.Distribution was handled by Jack Rappaport, 51, through his luggage store at 1734 S. Vermont Ave., and Lee La Beau, 42, of 5651 Melrose Ave. (an address belonging to Aldik Artificial Flower Co., according to city directories and newspaper ads), The Times said. And then there was the on-screen talent: Donald Harvey, 10660 E. Dorado Ave., Pacoima, and Barbara Jean Elliott, a.k.a. Kathryn Douglas.Similar arrests five years earlier seemed to have little effect. In August 1952, vice detectives raided George W. Richter’s lab at 1715 N. Mariposa and seized 100 16-millimeter reels of pornography, The Times said.  “My headquarters has always been in Hollywood, Calif. I used girls who came to Hollywood to be in the movies but failed.”

 “I had a post office box in Beverly Hills to get my C.O.D. returns from my express shipments. All my business was done over the telephone or by Western Union. I never used the mails in my business.”

“In my time, I produced about 40 films and had another 60 duplicate negatives of other films. I should say I sold about 100 prints of each one.”

“I furnished films for Tijuana, Mexico; also for Havana, Cuba, for burlesque.”

“From 1931 to 1945 I had a photographic studio at 1605 N. Cahuenga Blvd., Hollywood. This was merely a blind. I made contacts with girls who came to me to be models. I later used them in my movies.”

“In 1928 I made my first picture at 1154 N. Western Ave., Los Angeles, Calif. I used a prostitute and a studio truck driver for my cast. I made the picture for [blank] of San Francisco, who is dead now. I had the 35-millimeter negative of this picture. From this I had a 16-millimeter reduction negative made. I started to sell prints to friends of mine.”

“I met a Chinese merchant in Chinatown. I sold him about 60 prints of this picture. Some of them went to China, so I was told. Then a Mr. [blank] came out to the coast from New York. He brought with him some new pictures. We traded back and forth. Then I sent two men to tour the country to make contacts for me. They were [blank] and [blank].”

“They made connections and would telephone me the orders. I would send them by express or Greyhound bus. They would always collect in advance for the orders. This is how I got my connections all over the country.”

“During my time, I guess I made about $50,000 a year. I spent it as fast as I made it, on women and liquor.”

parking lot lady


brie pom pomming:


i work in an office with mostly women. a few years ago i used to park in a certain parking lot, while drinking my first coffee of the day, munching down a peach-yogurt zone bar, and meditating, i noticed that about once a month a woman would get out of her car wearing a skirt and socks (instead of the usual nylons)  with pumps! she got lots of attention, even from young dudes! she wore something like this: brie1

from doing office work, i have soft hands.

lois & linda

girl reporter brie as Lois lane: brie790

i remember when the “E” channel used to have good stuff on, unlike now.

in addition to howard stern late at night they had really good programs. one of the best was a documentary about margot kidder’s nervous breakdown! margot, who played lois lane in the superman movie, got into a traffic accident — poor baby! she was unable to work for two years. so, she wrote her autobiography, but when it was nearing completion, her computer crashed, thereby pushing her over the edge. from the los angeles airport she migrated toward skid row, then on up through echo park, atwater, and into glendale, where she stayed at the “bell” motel on colorado blvd, which looked like something from the 1930’s. i stayed at a slightly nicer place across the street once. unanswered questions: who paid her rent? how did she support herself? what did she do? i have my suspicions, but i’m not messing with legitimate celebrities because they have power and might destroy me! perhaps she lived off the $ from her acting career, or her ex husband tomas mcguane (the writer!) helped her out. the story margot tells is that mcguane, when they first met,  didn’t have a chance, since margot wore a tartan skirt with saddle shoes!

something like this:   brie727

now as for linda. there was a film not too long ago about linda lovelace:

Inside Deep Throat
Year Released: 2005
Directed By: Fenton Bailey, Randy Barbato
Narration: Dennis Hopper
(NC-17, 92 min.)

anyway, in the movie “deep throat” there is a scene where linda is wearing a nurses’ uniform:   


nurses don’t dress like this anymore. by the 1980’s women became empowered, and couldn’t be required to dress like cheerleaders just to bring the hamburgers out to the customers at a carl’s junior!

waitress brie:


nursie brie: