lois & linda

girl reporter brie as Lois lane: brie790

i remember when the “E” channel used to have good stuff on, unlike now.

in addition to howard stern late at night they had really good programs. one of the best was a documentary about margot kidder’s nervous breakdown! margot, who played lois lane in the superman movie, got into a traffic accident — poor baby! she was unable to work for two years. so, she wrote her autobiography, but when it was nearing completion, her computer crashed, thereby pushing her over the edge. from the los angeles airport she migrated toward skid row, then on up through echo park, atwater, and into glendale, where she stayed at the “bell” motel on colorado blvd, which looked like something from the 1930’s. i stayed at a slightly nicer place across the street once. unanswered questions: who paid her rent? how did she support herself? what did she do? i have my suspicions, but i’m not messing with legitimate celebrities because they have power and might destroy me! perhaps she lived off the $ from her acting career, or her ex husband tomas mcguane (the writer!) helped her out. the story margot tells is that mcguane, when they first met,  didn’t have a chance, since margot wore a tartan skirt with saddle shoes!

something like this:   brie727

now as for linda. there was a film not too long ago about linda lovelace:

Inside Deep Throat
Year Released: 2005
Directed By: Fenton Bailey, Randy Barbato
Narration: Dennis Hopper
(NC-17, 92 min.)

anyway, in the movie “deep throat” there is a scene where linda is wearing a nurses’ uniform:   


nurses don’t dress like this anymore. by the 1980’s women became empowered, and couldn’t be required to dress like cheerleaders just to bring the hamburgers out to the customers at a carl’s junior!

waitress brie:


nursie brie: