Maria (55 years old) was a cute little Italian girl, who grew up in Brooklyn. She didn't drive, even though she had lived in California for over 20 years, all that walking kept her trim. Maria was the perfect size and shape. she stood about 5 foot 2 inches when wearing high heels. she looked cute wearing glasses, since they hid the few wrinkles around her eyes. her dark hair had just a few streaks of gray which was also cute. her measurements were 36 (c cup!) inch bust, 24 inch waist, and 36 inch hips. her legs were quite shapely. when her 25 year old son arrived for their date she greeted him at the door of her apartment wearing a lovely dress with a pleated skirt (hem above the knees). beautiful pink pumps with straps, taupe nylons, beige garter belt, little girl panties, and aqua bra underneath her dress. she smelled so good from the perfume and even her breath smelled good too as her son kissed her on the mouth and started reaching under her dress.

Maria said "be back in a second" returning from the bathroom with a bottle of baby oil. her son knew what to do as older women sometimes have a problem with dryness in their vaginas. Her son rubbed baby oil inside her vagina, then he sat on a chair pulling down his trousers.

Maria sat on his lap as she lifted the skirt of her dress and moved her panties aside to make room for her son's penis as it entered her! she moved up and down on it. they did this for only the short time it took her son to ejaculate. anyway, they had to leave for their date. her son noticed that there was a blob of his semen on the back of one of mom's nylon covered legs, but he didn't tell her because he thought it looked sexy.

so, they had a seafood dinner with wine and went to a movie. during the movie her son embarrassed her by waiting for the noisy movie to get silent and suddenly shoving 4 fingers into her vagina causing her to almost scream. she sure hoped no one figured out the reason for her outburst!

when they got home her son was tired and had to catch a plane to Texas the next morning. he wanted her to know that he still adored her. so, he had her on her knees facing away from him with her panties pulled down, sliding with more baby oil his fingers into her vagina while worshipping her anus with his tongue. soon her son left to go home to his mobile home (single wide with an expando).

previously, Maria had taken some time off from work putting on a wig and sun glasses to go into an adult video store during the week in the early morning (open 24 hours!), when business was slow to find her "lover".

Maria had not much interest in pornography. she considered herself a participant rather than an observer. she went to the dildos looking for her "lover", which turned out to be a 12 inch long dildo, which was as wide as one of her perfect ankles!

trembling and blushing she paid cash for the dildo. she felt elated with anticipation while riding the bus home. so, after her son had left, her real date began! She went to her bedroom, where she removed her dress, keeping on her bra, garterbelt, nylons, shoes, but removing her panties.

Maria moved the chair right up to her bed and put a cushion on the chair. getting on her back with her shapely legs going up the chair and her ass on the cushion, she poured a generous amount of baby oil on her "lover" inserting just a few inches of it into her vagina, then screwed the cap back onto the bottle of baby oil. myriad orgasms through the night ensued! she slid her "lover" in and out of her vagina faster and slower.

she liked to insert about half of the twelve inch dildo into her vagina and revolve the other end in a bigger and bigger circle until she almost screamed. she went into a trance where the only reality was herself and her "lover" the twelve inch dildo. when she would orgasm, she and her "lover" became one entity!

around 4 o'clock in the morning she was actually making love to the dildo, saying such endearments like "lay me!", or "oh! baby" or finally "please fuck me!" hopefully, no one in the next apartment would hear or if they did hear something, would not know what was happening! just before dawn Maria relieved herself in the bathroom, then laid on the bed, exhausted, inserting about half of her "lover" into her vagina.

before falling asleep (incubus?), her thoughts were on the recent promotion she had received, and that her son didn't know it, but they will never make love together again, as Maria was getting married to a rich retired Chinese gentleman (ten years older than Maria), who not only knew about her "lover", but had actually used it on her, and would be chauffeuring her around after their forthcoming marriage in Nevada and their honeymoon in Hawaii.

Maria the aging siren's final thought before falling asleep was: men are mere puppets to be manipulated! (any similarity with persons living or dead is purely coincidental)

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